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First, as one long-term depressive who has tried em all, to another DO NOT stop taking ANY medicine without talking to your doctor. If your next appointment is two weeks away, call his office in the morning and tell them you are having this issue and you MUST see the doctor. They always have a vacancy or two kept in their pocket for this event. I don't think either drug can make you have mood swings; if I recall both of them are designed to control mood swings, but some of these new drugs can take WEEKS to kick in properly; this ain't Tylenol you're taking here. It might be that one or both of these is the right drug for your condition, but the amount or timing is not quite right, but only your doctor can decide this from talking to you. If you aren't going to listen to him, why bother paying him; hell you're getting my advice for free why not just rely on chatrooms for your healthcare. Now, I hope you know I am being silly now. Call your doctor tomorrow. If you are in the depth of one of the deepest blacks and you are seriously afraid for your safety, call his office now even if it is the middle of Sunday night and you have to page him. If you have a gun in the house, have a friend or relative come take it away right now until you feel better. You'd feel pretty stupid if you used it tonight and tomorrow was the day the Lexapro kicked in, wouldn't you? It IS going to be ok, I give you my personal promise and guarantee, but you have to work with your doctor. Phil

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Q: Can Wellbrutrin and Lexapro make you have mood swings on off I been having a lot of them latley. Should I get off of one of them or both all together?
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Can Lexapro withdrawal cause hives or rashes?

It sounds like your having an allergic reaction to Lexapro.

Is it safe to take zanax to help with withdrawal from Lexapro?

Xanax can be prescribed by your doctor alongside lexapro and taking them at the same time is okay. I am on Lexapro and take Xanex for occasional bouts of anxiety or panic attacks. However, weening yourself off Lexapro with Xanex is probably not the best idea. If you are having withdrawal from Lexapro you should probably go back on it.

Can you take Prozac and Lexapro together?

NO!!! Each of them is an SSRI, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor -- or serotonin booster -- and this will cause problems.i do, seems to work pretty good but i dunno see what works for u, (but really nothing can happen)I take prozac and was having an unusually rough time. My doctor prescribed Lexapro as well to get me over the hump I took Lexapro with Prozac together for a couple of months and it worked well (under the guidance of a DR)

Can you take tramadol with Lexapro?

No, you shouldn't because it increases your risk of having a seizure.

Can you take lexapro xanax and cozaar at the same time?

These medications can be taken together, but there is a chance for interactions. The Xanax and Cozaar can decrease blood pressure; so watch for headaches, dizziness, and changes in heart rate. Xanax and Lexapro together can increase the side effects of dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. If you are having any problems or concerns about side effects, check with your doctor.

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Anger and Lexapro withdrawal?

Oh, yeah, I am having it. I am even throwing things and having what I describe as an 'adult temper tantrum'. This is almost like the week before I start. I wish it would hurry up and go away - I am into week 4 of being lexapro-free.

Can you withdraw from Lexapro and Wellbutrin cold turkey?

I have been taking lexapro for about 4 years.I decided on my own to stop taking it all together. I instantly had more energy.I am on my second week and am still having "brain shocks" mainly when I make sudden adjustments with my eyes. Loud noizes or yelling triggers it also.Other than that no other side effects.

Has anyone had trouble with their gallbladder because you took Lexapro?

I did and ended it with having my gallbladder removed and weaning off Lexapro in one week. My first problems with my gallbladder arose a couple of months into taking Lexapro for the first time years before. I stopped and then I had a pregnancy and about 5 year with no lexapro. When I had a traumatic family sitiuation I tried Lexapro again and again a couple of months into it I started to have gallbladder attacks. I took one lexapro after my surgery and it made me so sick I have vowed to never touch it again. It sucked because it really did great for my anxiety.

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Taking 20 mg of lexapro for 2 years but having fatigue dr recommended switching from lexapro to 30 mg of Cymbalta for 2 weeks and then 60 mg has anyone switched and what was your experience?

I switched from 10mg lexapro to 30 mg cymbalta for 2 wk and then 60 mg. Have had good results. For one thing I quit gaining weight, as I did on lexapro. Cymbalta also helped my muscle aches and pains as an added plus.

How does Lexapro affect thyroid?

I take synthroid for hypothyroidism. I stopped taking 20 mg lexapro suddenly about 5 weeks ago and am now having many symptoms of hypothyroidism even though i am still taking my synthroid as usual. Any correlation?

Is having a mild anxiety OK when going down from 20mg to 15mg of Lexapro. Or is it a bad sign and I should go up again?

Lexapro is supposed to aid you in feeling less anxious, so if you feel more anxious when lowering dosage, even slightly, you may want to discuss that with your doctor, and if it persists he or she will most likely increase your dosage back to 20 mgs.

I have been on lexapro for about 2 years and havent had a period in 18 months. The doctors say it has nothing to do with the lexapro I started weaning off it about 3 weeks ago and now I'm spotting?

I have been on lexapro for almost 2 years and my periodshave been very irregular since then. Sometimes I go for 5-6 months without having one then I will have 2 in a row. Before being on lexapro my periods were very predictable I always knew exactly what day I was going to start, now I never know if I am going to or not and if I do how heavy it will be. I have also gained 30 pounds being on lexapro.

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What are the side effects of stopping Lexapro?

Check out this great site on Lexapro withdrawal. The members are real people posting their experiences with Lexapro withdrawal. The board has several pages now so you'll have to jump around or start at page 1 and go to 70 or whatever. DO NOT STOP LEXAPRO WITHOUT TALKING TO A DOCTOR OR AT LEAST READING COMMENTS ON THE LINK THAT I POSTED!!! Lexapro withdrawal is brutal. ~ T 'I'm surprised that everyone is saying to "wean" off of this so slowly. My doctor told me if I ever decided to quit it, to just stop taking it because it's not addictive. However, I am having all of the symptoms mentioned.

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You took lexapro for 3 weeks you stopped already are you going to get withdrawal symptoms?

I took Lexapro for 4 weeks and have been experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. I have been off this med for 6 days now and feel lightheaded, nausea, dizziness and having headaches. I sure hope this doesn't last too much longer.

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