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its possible. but its usually less likely. still can happen tho. i heard one day of the month u cant get pregnant.

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Q: Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?
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What are the chances of pregnancy if your on your period?

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

Can women can become pregnant at any time during their menstruation?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilise. However a woman may be fertile during menstruation, meaning that sperm may survive long enough in the vagina to still be around by the time she does ovulate.

Do women menstruate even when they are pregnant?

Yes, Menstruation can also occur while pregnant, unless if she has menstruation disabilities.

What is the percentage of women getting pregnant during periods?

The percentage of women getting pregnant during menstruation is exactly 0% - it's biologically impossible to get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present for sperm to fertilise. It is however possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as although there is no egg it is possible for a woman to have fertile quality cervical mucus present, this can allow sperm to live for up to a week and by that time she may have ovulated. There are no figures on how many women get pregnant this way, it would be impossible to keep track of those sort of figures.

Are women fertile after menstruation?

Immediately after menstruation it is possible to get pregnant. It is even possible to get pregnant during menstruation, though very very very unlikely. It is always possible for a woman to get pregnant as long as she has a healthy, pre-menopausal, post-pubescent, fully functioning uterus and is having sex with a man in a similar situation. However, women are more likely to get pregnant right before their period and less likely to unlikely to get pregnant during or after their period.

Do you always miss your period when you're pregnant?

Yes, when pregnant you do not menstruate. Many women can bleed during pregnancy for a number of reasons, and they may mistake this vaginal bleeding with menstruation, however menstruation is a very specific function which is stopped during pregnancy.

Is there a chance to get pregnant 4 days after the menstruation?

you can get pregnant at anytime if you have sex(even during menstruation or even if you use "protection").

Can women get pregnant during mensuration?

It is possible to get pregnant at any time, but it is much less likely during menstruation. Yes you can get pregnant during you period but it is a very low chance that it will happen. The best time to get pregnant is when you are ovulating and that is normally 14 days before your period.

Can you be pregnant during menstruation?

Probably not, however there have been cases of pregnancy and a mild menstruation during first trimester of pregnancy.

Is it possible that a women can be pregnant if she had intercourse 1 day after her menstruation?

Yes she can.

What did wealthy women use during menstruation?

They had peasant women menstruate for them!

Can a women get pregnant in the second day of her period?

A woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilise. A woman can however get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as in the right conditions sperm can survive for up to a week, by which time menstruation could have ended and she could have ovulated.

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