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Can X-rays be dangerous?

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Why use ultrasound and not xray?

xrays are more dangerous than ultrasound

Who discovers xrays?

Wilhelm Rontgen discovered xrays

What do xrays have to do with the holocaust?

They experimented with xrays on the prisoners in the concentration camps. Mostly at Auschwitz.

How much does a series of knee xrays cost?

I just got my xrays taken for my left knee, it was four xrays for $100, it may be more other places

Bad when pregnant and take xrays?

Xrays are damaging to developing babies. Only as last resort.

What percents of xrays are produced in a photoelectric effect?

The amount of xrays produced in a photoelectric effect varies. . . . alot.

Who discovered xrays?


Did they have xrays in the civil war?

No, they did not.

How does a nurse use math in x ray?

They dont, nurses dont take xrays! Radiologic technologist take xrays!

What does an xray technician do?

take xrays

Are xrays used at airports?


Are xrays radiant energy?


What is a lead used for?

its used for xrays

Are xrays electromagnetic in nature?


Do xrays ionize gases?


Do airports have xrays?

Most of them do have X-rays.

How do you know if an ankle is sprained or broken?


What type of doctor gives xrays?

A radiologist

Can airport xrays see if you are on your period?

No they cannot.

How do you know if you have a polyp?

You know when the doctor shows you your Xrays.

What is the job outlook for a radiologist?

You take xrays and that's it

Does a mammogram use radiation?

Yes, it uses Xrays.

When xrays remove electrons from atoms they are behaving as?


I was 4 weeks pregnant and didn't know I was pregnant and had x-rays done at my dentist do you think it could have hurt my baby?

my doctor said getting xrays done is the most dangerous for your baby in the first trimester.

Why do people have hospital x ray photographs of xrays are so dangerous?

B/c a doctor has decided that the advantage of of having the information that an x-ray can give is worth the tiny added risk of having the x-ray.

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