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Can X-rays travel faster then yellow light in a vacuum?

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No. All forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the speed of light.

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No. We call it the "speed of light", but it's also the speed of radio, X-rays, heat, ultraviolet, microwave, gamma rays, etc, and all forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the same speed, as long as they're in the same medium (vacuum or material substance).

No. X-rays are the exact same physical phenomenon as light, only with a shorter wavelength. Their speeds are the same.

they are electromagnetic. So they have an electromagnetic spectrum.

Yes, all xrays travel at the speed of light.

Wilhelm Rontgen discovered xrays

No. All forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at the same speed. We usually call that speed "the speed of light".

In a vacuum, all types of electro-magnetic radiation -- including visible light and x-rays -- travel at the same speed. Things change when EM radiation travels through matter. Then its speed changes, but the change depends greatly on the type of matter being travelled through, and the frequency of the EM radiation.

They experimented with xrays on the prisoners in the concentration camps. Mostly at Auschwitz.

I just got my xrays taken for my left knee, it was four xrays for $100, it may be more other places

a grid is a device placed in front of the image receptor which only allows xrays to travel directly through from the tube and prevent xrays which have been "scattered" from passing through to the image. This gives a much clearer resulting image. Grids are generally only used on thicker body parts where scattered xrays are more of an issue

Xrays are damaging to developing babies. Only as last resort.

The amount of xrays produced in a photoelectric effect varies. . . . alot.

They dont, nurses dont take xrays! Radiologic technologist take xrays!

Most of them do have X-rays.

Yes, they can only be stopped (even then not completely) by several centimetres of lead. Try to spell properly next time, it's only 3 extra letters!

You know when the doctor shows you your Xrays.

You take xrays and that's it

Plain film xrays are able to detect some tumors. However, tumors are usually soft tissue which plain film xrays cannot detect as well. CT scans use xrays to detect soft tissue tumors.

LightRadio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, XRays, and gamma rays are all part of the "electromagnetic spectrum". They are all electromagnetic radiation and they all travel at the speed of light. The only difference between them is their frequencies (or wavelengths.

Yes and no. It is a dense metal but the xrays would react with the molecules in tungsten and that causes more xrays. This reaction is called compton scatter.

Dental xrays are not harmful to you or your baby. So, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself or your baby. They are completely safe and recommended if you need one done.

These are absorbed in the thermosphere and exosphere.

Americium is not used in X-ray instruments.

It means the x-rays reveals no pathology or unexpected abnormalities. The x-ray appears as expected in a healthy individual.