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Q: Can You convert a 1972 van that's has an automatic transmission to a manual transmission?
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97-01 Honda Prelude how to swap an auto transmission to manual transmission?

need to buy transmission put it in and thats it.

Does it hurt the motor to drive with transmission fluid foamy?

it could mean many different thing Your transmission could be to hot or it more than likely has a leak in the transmission fluid lines leading to your radiator u depending on the make model and year your radiator has transmission fluid and coolant fluid going through it at all times that has nothing to do with your question I need to know what kind of transmission fluid you're running what kind of transmission you have manual or automatic European domestic there are many different aspects two transmissions but the automatic transmission is made with weaker components and the manual transmission is made with metal gears and is a little bit Stronger to Prevent HUMAN error thats why clutches go out way before The manual transmission so my answer is the relevant and less I know what kind of car you have and transmission style manual or automatic because it makes a big difference one has a clutch which is the manual transmission automatic has a torque converter which is tougher than a clutch Because automatic transmission Has more moving parts inside it than the Manual transmission so only human error could cause your motor to be damaged from your transmission your fluid does not mix with your or oil in your engine if it did it would blow upshould be safe you have it is automatic because it has transmission fluid that's made from detergents the manual transmission Uses brake fluid depending on the model of course it could Even use gear fluid more information required on your vehicle

Is it possible to use a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 2wd transmission in a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4fwd automatic?

thats because they are cheap as hell.

What kind of manual transmission fluid goes in a 95 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 5 speed?

Synthetic syncromesh manual transmission fluid either gm parts has it or ams oil does. The key is syncromesh tho any aftermarket oil thats syncromesh.

What are the materials for a automatic shading system?

thats my questions !!

What kind of automatic transmission is in 1996 GMC extended cab pickup?

Most came with a "4L60E" trans and I think the GMC designation is M-30 (thats for a 2 wheel drive)

Advantages of manual drafting?

cost and thats about it

To change from manual to automatic how much would it cost vw citi golf?

Why would u want to do that? Thats like trading in your 2014 flatscreen 3d tv for a 1960s black and white tv

Can you change a subaru impreza from automatic to manual?

yes, but it would be cheaper to just buy a manual trans car. Don't believe me? Then your the new village idiot. Have a nice life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above answer is a bad answer. You can change it from auto to manual. whether or not its a viable option for you depends on your skills, if you are going to be having a shop do the work, then yes, just buy a different car. to swap you need to obtain atleast.. -manual transmission -clutch -pedal assebly from manual trans car -center console from manual trans car (most likely) -possibly manual trans mounting cross member. -speedo cable should be from the new transmission as it may not be the right length from the automatic, this was the case in my swap. -rear driveshaft from manual trans car as driveshaft is probably different length than auto rear driveshaft -fluids -might as well reseal the trans output shafts while its out of the donor car. then its out with the old and in with the new. you'll have to figure out where the Neutral Switch on the automatic shifter is and short that out so you dont get a CEL you'll have to know how to set the clutch pedal for engagement as well. thats a start. check out for a great group of people that can offer a plethora of advise.

What is the best semi-automatic shotgun?

benelli super vinci thats it

Convert yards to inches?

# of yards / 36 thats all it is

How do you adjust reverse band on 1990 Mercedes 300se automatic?

Automatic transmissions do not have adjustable bands in them once they are set in place that is it thats all there is