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Can a 11 year old be in the WWE?

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Hardly ... that could constitute "child endangerment" and/or "child abuse".

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What superstars are 11 years old?

nun but is has to be at least 20. 11 year old wwe superstar in order to be one

Can a 17 year old join WWE?

No, 17 year old cannot join WWE because its a criteria of WWE.

How old are WWE super stars?

A wwe wrestlers can be from age 20 to 50 year or 60 like Ric Flair. The youngest wwe wrestler today is about 24-25 year old and oldest is 45-46 year old.

WWE how old is hornsaggle?

he will be 24 this year

How old is bigshow from WWE?

39 this year

Could a 9 year old be in WWE?

No cause it's too young to be in WWE.

How old is WWE John Cena?

Cena is 33 year old

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How old is WWE kharma?

yes she will be 35 this year

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How old WWE superstar Kane?

he is 44 years old this year of 2011

How old is kelly kelly off of WWE now?

25 year old ,

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I'm one and I play WWE Smackdown VS. RAW 2011.

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Can a 14 year old become a WWE superstar?

No Chance!

How old is Bastia in the WWE?

He turned 40 earlier this year.