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I dont think so maybe though but why should a 11 year old boy have a baby. He should be thinking about school, and his future. Thinking about that at 11 years old is not a good thing he should just keep on going with his life. I'm going to say that most 11 year old's are still in 5th grade. But if he's still in fifth grade and this is your child take my advice don't let them worry. They still have long ways to go!

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What is 10 things a 12 yr old boy want from his girlfriend?

A 12 year old boy does not need a girlfriend

How does a 11 year old boy get a girlfriend?

an 11 year old is way to young to have a girlfriend need to find a hobby, plenty of time for that

How can a 11 year old boy get a girlfriend?

Um well to get a girlfriend you need to ASK A GIRL.

What does a sixteen year old boy want for his birthday from his girlfriend?

a sixteen year old boy would want something like a calender of his girlfriend some sexy pictures and some candy.

What jobs are there for a 1 year old boy in chamblee GA?

a 1 year old boy cant do anything has a BABY

Can a 14-year-old boy make a baby?

Yes, A 14 year old boy can make a baby. As long as he is able to produce sperm, which he should be, the answer is yes.

Boy 10 year old can have a girlfriend?

A boy at the age of ten can have a girlfriend. Dating is a whole other thing you should be in the presents of an adult.

How do you get a 12-year-old boy get a 11-year-old girlfriend?

The best thing to do is tell him how you feel.

Could a 17 year old boy get in trouble if he gets his girlfriend pregnant in Missouri?

Depends on how old the girlfriend is. The age of consent is 17 there.

Why does your 14 year old girlfriend lose her baby?

She may have had an abortion or a miscarriage.

How do you get a 9 year old boy to like a 9 year old girl?

kiss her and give her flowers and say will u be my girlfriend

Can a 6 year old boy has a baby?

No, only females have babies.

If a 16 year old daughter had a baby with an 18 year old boy could her parents keep him from the baby?

No. They can keep their child from him but they have no right to keep him from his child.

How does a 11 year old boy finger their 12 year old girlfriend?

Little dude, Your too young for that! Wait till your 14!

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