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== == * A 13 or 14-year old is a child, and therefore a peer of children. As such, he cannot be considered a pedophile. However, that doesn't preclude him from showing signs of developing pedophilic tendencies or from having other issues related to sexual development. = = * Absolutely! When some young man goes into puberty it is quite normal to explore their own bodies, and they also start seeing girls in a different light. Pedophiles are usually shy and unsure of themselves and are secretive about their thoughts and actions (most young men go through this and it's normal, but to a few they simply never grow out of this). The tendencies of having Pedophile qualities may lay dormant without action take when the person is this young, but, it isn't unheard of that a 11+ child could explore the body of a younger female. According to law in some countries and because of the age of the person in question they may not be charged with being a Pedophile, but it doesn't mean they don't have the tendencies and should get psychological help. There is NO cure for Pedophiles, but some sustainability through counseling and some medications. * No, A 14 year old is legally classified as an child. A pedophile is legally classified as an "Adult who is sexually attracted to prepubesent children."

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Q: Can a 13- or 14-year-old be considered a pedophile?
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