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Psychological Disorders

This category is designed for questions involving disorders and ailments of the mind and its functions. Examples include, but are not limited to, conditions such as paranoid personality disorder, schizophrenia, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) a few common disorders.

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How do you make someone think they are going crazy?

Have a conversation with yourself in public.
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Why are people so selfish?

It's just the human nature. People are selfish mainly from fear. They are afraid that they won't have enough, or that they will miss something important, or that other people won't like them if they don't have a certain thing. ...
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What is the difference between healthy narcissism and pathological narcissism?

Healthy narcissism is self-love. What is the difference between self-love and narcissism and how does it affect the capacity to love others? There are two differences: (a) in the ability to tell reality from fantasy, and (b) in the ability to empathise and, indeed, to fully and maturely love others. The narcissist possesses no self-love. It is because he has very little True Self to love. Instead, a monstrous, malignant construct ? the False Self ? encroaches upon his True Self and devours it. The...
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Does ADHD exist in women?

Many girls and women with ADD/ADHD are often undiagnosed because their symptoms look different from those in boys or men. Many girls or women may not appear hyperactive. Girls are usually less rebellious, less defiant and generally considered less difficult than boys. Boys who are hyperactive and disorganized are easier to spot and more likely to be referred for an evaluation. There are several personality types of girls in which ADHD could be a factor. For example, there are girls who are...
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Do narcissists get worse or better as they get older?

The narcissist ages without mercy and without grace. His withered body and his overwrought mind betray him all at once. He stares with incredulity and rage at cruel mirrors. He refuses to accept his growing fallibility. He rebels against his decrepitude and mediocrity. Accustomed to being awe-inspiring and the recipient of adulation - the narcissist cannot countenance his social isolation and the pathetic figure that he cuts. As a child prodigy, a sex symbol, a stud, a public intellectual, an actor, an idol...
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Explain the effects criminal acts have on their intended victims?

There could be many effects. Many people become depressed, they may blame themselves for what happened or often get hung up on the question "why me?" They may sometimes have nightmares or flashbacks or develop fear based on what had happended to them ...
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What is the connection between narcissism and shame?

There are two varieties of shame: 1. The Narcissistic Shame ("shamelessness") which is the experience of the Grandiosity Gap (and its affective correlate). Subjectively it is experienced as a pervasive feeling of worthlessness (the regulation of self-worth is the crux of pathological narcissism), "invisibleness" and ridiculousness. The patient feels pathetic and foolish, deserving of mockery and humiliation. In the Narcissist, shame is so intolerable that the means have been developed not to experience it at all. What psychologists call "bypassed shame" looks like shamelessness or...
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With what do emos cut themselves?

they dont all but its because of depression or family friends or the feeling that everyone hates your or beacause of love is usually why but a razor or just any knife its rlly sad my best friend cuts herself and if u do too just no that it dosnt help hun and it makes it just so much worse and your not alone if your hiding it then dont tell your closist ever friend the one person that loves...
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What are psychological barriers?

One meaning of the term psychological barriers is the self limiting beliefs a person may have which in turn affects their behaviour - that is ....what they do or don't do as a result of having a self limiting belief. For example, an person might have a belief that they can't ride a bicycle and carry this belief with them through their life, and as such they would never attempt to ride a bicycle. This belief will usually have been developed as...
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Are you crazy if you really want to kill people?

You need to seek psychological help if you have persistent thoughts about wanting to kill people. Even if you have a history of anger issues that could lead to killing someone in a fight, you should seek psychological help. For many murderers, there are issues leading up to killing, whether it may be a bad past, revenge, anger, confusion, anxiety etc. But you are not mentally healthy if you really want to kill people. ...
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What is maladjustment in children?

Maladjustment in children occurs in ones parents who for any reason cannot give the stimulation in early life. Additionally, over loving children when they grow can be a cause for maladjustment. ...
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What is female dependence?

Answer Female dependence can only be described as a man who is sick. I mean mentally sick that he has to depend not only on a woman but the fact that he has to depend on anyone except himself. ...
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What do you call someone who is obsessed with dates?

It could be a chronophile (one who is obsessed about time).
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Can you describe an adolescent narcissist?

Donovan is incapable of loving and, therefore, has never loved you (or, for that matter, anyone else, himself included) in his entire life. His natural capacity to love and to return love was all but eliminated by his horrid childhood. We practice loving first and foremost through our parents. If they fail us, if they turn out to be unpredictable, capricious, violent, unjust -- this capacity is stunted forever. This is what happened to Donovan: the ideal figures of his childhood proved...
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Why is it bad to stalk a girl?

Stalking is bad for the stalker and the person being stalked. If a person is psychologically healthy, then they understand that not everyone they are interested in is going to return their interest. When a person stalks another person, they are showing that they have an unhealthy obsession with that person. This communicates to the person being stalked that you won't behave like a psychologically sound person, so it is scary. Would you not be frightened if a person who has shown they...
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According to Carl Rogers maladjustment occurs when?

There is a discrepency between the real self and ideal self
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What are examples of sociopathic tendencies in children?

bulllying, selfishness above normal(?), cruelty, ignoring the plight of others(hard to detect in a child) ...
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What should you do if you have a friend that won't move on and keeps doing things to remind herself of her ex and upsets herself?

Some people think that we only grieve over the dead, but we can grieve over the loss of a relationship or even losing our home to natural disasters or a home that has burned down. Your friend is grieving over the loss of her ex and she has every right to. There is no time limit on grief. You are a good friend to her and so be patient and don't expect too much out of her at first. Just...
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Why is a control group needed in the experimental method?

A control group is necessary for comparison purposes. In order to see if the given treatment had an effect on the experimental group, one needs to compare it to a group that did not receive any treatment. ...
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Where is Jesse Rugge?

he is at avenal and is a friend of mine... was it his fault someone did what they did. he was just a kid afraid to stand up for what was right.. the guy feels terrible about what happened and deserves to be let out. he is one of the good guys.. the movie made about him is so disgusting he refuses to watch it. i know, i was locked up with him when it came out. he shed a...
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How can you get married to a person who overstayed his Visa and could he still get in trouble with the INS?

i am in a similar situation with my husband, and we have gone to an immigration lawyer. you will need to fill out paperwork to have the overstay "waived" or in otherwords, forgiven by the government before he would qualify to continue the application process. waiving can be hard to do, i would advise you get a lawyer to help you through the process and make a stong case for you. good luck ...
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What does a psychologist do?

There are many different types of psychologists out there. The type that people are most familiar with is a clinical psychologist. These people help to diagnose and treat, using behavioral and cognitive strategies, various types of mental illness. There are many more types of psychologists than just clinical however. There are experimental psychologists, who run experiments on individual to test their hypotheses (and they can be from numerous backgrounds, including biological, cognitive, social, etc) In addition there are school psychologists that deal mainly with children...