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me and my friend went round everywhere in our town and EVERYWHERE! we went you had to be at least 14 to get a job at a hairdressing because we are too young to handle money :s but i didn't ask if we were allowed to sweep floors. But we are allowed to make drinks and stuff.

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Q: Can a 13-year-old sweep floors in a hairdressers in the UK?
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Can a 12 year old sweep floors in a hairdressers in the UK?

No, the legal age for a child/ teen working in a hairdressers sweeping floors is 13 years old, I did it!

Can a 13 year old sweep floors in a hairdressers in the UK?

Yes, provided they have permission from the head teacher at their school and their parents and that it is only done after school hours and does not exceed the hours permitted.

Where can a 13 going on 14 year old get a job in the UK?

You could get a paper round babysit or sweep hair in a hairdressers

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How old do you have to be to be a receptionist or hair sweeper in a salon?

you need to be at least 14 years old to work at a reception desk and 13 years old to sweep hair in a salon in the UK.

How old do you have to be to work in the UK?

Well it all depends really on where you want to work?You have to be legally 13 to work anywhere in the UK except from your house doing jobs and chores for your parents/guardian's!But at 13 , you can do newspaper rounds , work /help out in a family business and baby sitting.When you are 14 there are much more jobs you can do such as;Agricultural or horticultural work.Working in a shop. (stacking shelves and sweeping floors)Working in a hairdressers.(sweeping floors, making drinks)Washing cars (not in a garage).In a café or restaurant.Working in a riding stables.Domestic work in hotels.

Where can a 12-year-old get work in the UK?

At a library you can ask for a job. And your welcome. 8) If you live near the country part of the UK you can clean barns, walk horses, etc. If you live in a town ask shopkeepers if you can sweep and clean the store or stock shelves.

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How old do you have to be to get your hair highlighted in a UK hairdressers?

I dont think there is a specific age limit haha its not against the law to get your hair highlighted, i think any age can get it to be honest, ive seen kids that are like 4 with their hair dyed !

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Will hairdressers in the UK hire a 14-year-old?

it is very unlikely that hairdresses will hire a 14 year old. they mainely want 15s and over. I know how gutted you may feel, cause i am desperate to find a job mself. Try and be patient.

What do hair salons do about your hair?

Some salons who support a hair charity that makes wigs, will wash it all and send it off (generally in the US, not UK) and some others will just sweep it up and bin it.

What is a website that you can put your picture on and it will show you what you would look like with different hair styles?

A website that you can put your picture on and it will show you what you would look like with different hair styles is UK Hairdressers. You can also select your face type and view the different hairstyles that would suit you.

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