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Can a 14-year-old get a job in a restaurant?

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βˆ™ 2009-03-29 19:40:01

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depends where u live and usually uhave to have a certain GPA and good grades.. u will need a work permit from school but u have certain hours u can work with and a curfew.. u can work maximum of 4 hrs 2 days per week but again u need a work permit from ur school

2009-03-29 19:40:01
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Is a restaurant a job?


What skills or interests for a restaurant resume?

It depends on the job profile you are applying in the restaurant.

How do you get a job in a restaurant?

type a good resume

Where to get a part time job for a teen?


What job do you need to take to be a chef?

A Job In the Food Buiness such as in a restaurant in the kitchen.

What restaurant is a good restaurant and you could get a job at?

I think the best place to eat in one the border!

What restaurant job for 15 year old?


What are the main duties of a job?

they have to cook for people in the restaurant

What job is most popular in Singapore?

Restaurant worker

What is a tarantulas job?

to clean toilets at a haunted restaurant

Can you get a job in a restaurant in bury st edmunds at the age of 14?

A 14 year old child cannot get a job in a restaurant in St. Edmunds. This age is too young.

Can a nine yr old get a job?

Actually, @contributor is WRONG! If they want a job and dough, let 'em work in a restaurant or family restaurant. At least $20 a day.

Where could I find restaurant job openings in New York?

E bay classifieds is a great source for restaurant jobs in New York. allows you to enter your information for the restaurant job you would like to work at near your area.

Are any special degrees required to obtain a job in restaurant hospitality?

There is no special degree that is required for a job in restaurant hospitality. There is a degree that exists for such a job but it is not necessary. The biggest thing places look for in that industry is past experience.

What is the job of a buss boy in a fine dining restaurant?

His job is to clean and collect the dirty dishes

The benefits of a silver service restaurant?

i have an interview for awaitress job, the restaurant is silver service what sort of things do i need to no?

What is the job tittle of the head in hotel and restaurant management?

in the restaurant , they are a called a maître-dit, in the hotel they are called the manager.

Where can one find a job in an Italian restaurant locally?

To find a job in an Italian restaurant locally, one must physically go into a restaurant of interest and inquire about job openings. (Another option is to do research on that restaurant, find its phone number, and call to inquire about job openings). Most positions require that one has prior experience in the restaurant industry. It is strongly recommended that one submits a resume that highlights his or her interests, activites, education, and experience. A cover letter for most positions is sometimes required.

How do you get Dexoys on Ruby?

Get a job at the restaurant then the guy will give you deoxys

What job did Langston Hughes have?

he was a waitress in a restaurant in New York

What is the most boring job you can imagine?

Dish washer at the restaurant!

What was Tom Hank's first job?

Washing dishes in a restaurant.

Where can I find a description of restaurant jobs?

When looking for descriptions of restaurant jobs, it is best to speak to a restaurant manager. They can offer up descriptions of each type of job available.

What is hotel restaurant management definition?

hotel restaurant management provides ample career opportunities for those suited for a job.

How much does a restaurant employee make?

It varies in accordance with what the restaurant is willing to pay them, what their specific job function is, and how much experience they have.