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Without knowing any details...the state will not remove custodial rights from a parent/place a child in foster care just because the child is 'unhappy'. Discuss the situation in detail with your school counselor for advice.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old choose to be placed in foster care if they are unhappy at home but not abused?
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How many kids are abused in foster care?

There are 80% of kids that are abused in foster care every year

What are the foster homes of Dave pelzer?

the foster homes for abused children

How does being an abused foster child help in the near future?

An abused foster child can help in the near future by telling their story in courts and legislation so that new laws can be made to regulate foster care homes.

Where do children go if they are being abused?

Children who are abused can be placed in relative or non-relative foster homes.

Was happens when a foster sibling abuses a foster child in their custody?

how badly have they been abused? then its a different story

How many adopted kids get abused?

some foster parents can be the nicest things, almost as good as the real thing. but in other cases, the foster parents can be abusive phsycally, mentally, sexually, or neglect their foster child/children. but you cant place a number on kids abused by foster familys.

Why do most kids get abused in foster care?

not the real parents and like to punish them

How does a child end up if foster care?

If a childs parents have died, given them up, abused or neglected them they might be put in foster care by child services.

Can you choose your fosterparents Legal Gaurdians?

You cannot choose your foster parents or legal guardians.

Why did David Pelzer go to foster care?

Dave went into foster care because his drunk and abusive mother, Catherine Pelzer, abused Dave. Dave's teachers stood up and went to the police when they got enough information to figure out that Dave was being abused.

Is there a limitation on how long a foster child can stay in their foster care home as a foster child?

Yes, if care workers sense the child is being treated unfairly or is unhappy. They will be routinely checked. Some foster parents are placed under surveillance if they are suspected is wrong.

Are foster homes safe for abused children?

There are many safe, loving foster homes - unfortunately they don't make the news, the ones we hear about are usually a nightmare for the children.

Where do they place children after they have been abused?

in either a foster home with another family or a home with hired caretakers

Are foster kids allowed to meet there foster parents before they are adopted?

Foster care and adoption is not the same thing. Yes, you get to meet your adoptive parents before they adopt you. That is not always the case with foster care since if a child is abused for instance the foster families are ready to receive you in the middle of the night sometimes, when it's needed. Foster care is not meant to be permanent like adoption.

When a child is being abused in Arizona what age can they decide to live with a family member?

When they are 18. If a minor is abused they have to tell someone or call the police or CPS and they will make sure they get with a relative or with a foster family.

Would a judge grant you emancipation if your mother was an alcoholic and verbally abused you?

It depends on the state and the situation. If you are being abused, they will probably place you in foster care to keep you safe and properly taken care of.

Can you become a foster carer if you have been abused?

Depends on what happened and how you are today etc. They make a personal evaluation of everyone who apply.

What can a 14 year old do to leave a household if he is unhappy?

A 14yo can not move out on his own but have to have a guardian and someone who have custody of him. If he is abused he can call the police or CPS and they can help him with a group home or foster family. If he wants to move to a relative he will need parental consent to do so. If you need to speak to someone your own age you can go to or call their number.

How much more likely are children in foster-care to be abused than children who are not?

Abuse statistics are hard to come by, whether from foster care or "normal" families. We suspect that the incidence is higher in natural homes, although when it occurs in foster care it gets a lot more publicity.

What actions to take if an individual alleges they are being abused?

If an individual says that they are being abused by someone there are severa actions that can be taken. The police need to be called, they need to be taken into foster care if they are children, or a safe house if they are of age.

What conditions might cause a child to be placed in foster care?

If the child is being abused or parents die for example. Also if a child is being put up for adoption they can stay in foster care until they have found parents.

How can you go into foster care?

A judge can take the parental rights from your parents and admit you to foster care which mean the state has custody and is your guardian, if you for instance is abused or if you are homeless etc. Just being tired of living at home is not a reason for the court to accept the custody from your parents or take it from them. A parent who leave their child into foster care will have a hard time getting the child back. If you are abused in any way you can contact the Child Protective Service in your state and they will see what has to be done.

What happens if a minor gets pregnant and does not want to go back to the legal guardian?

Unless the minor is abused, which then should be reported to the CPS, "does not want to" is not enough reason to put the minor in a home for expecting mothers or foster care. Until emancipated she still have to do as her parents say and can not choose where to live.

What do caseworkers do about abusive foster homes?

If you have told your caseworker that you have been abused by people in a foster home then the case worker should move you out and report the abuse to the police. If this has not been done then go to a police station yourself and report the abuse.

Did Kenyon Foster Brown beat his wife Peggy Ann Garner?

YES HE DID! That poor little girl was abused along with her only daughter,Catherine.