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Only if she has parental consent or has been emancipated if neither of these are the case just stick it out you'll be 18 soon enough...hope everything works out for you Good luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Can a 16-year-old girl leave her parents' home without being forced to return or being reported as a runaway?
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Can you move out of your parents house at 17 without being reported as a runaway?

Depends on which state you live as the laws vary on this matter from state to state. If the law states age 18, then yes, you could be reported as a runaway. Under the strict interpretation of the law, no. Until you reach the age of 18 in most states, some of them vary, your parents are responsible for you and that includes determining where you live.</

In Texas can you move out when you're 17 without being reported as a runaway and can your parents have you brought back home?

the legal in the state of Texas is 17 years old and have to be able to care for yourself.

When is a 16-year-old considered a runaway in Mississippi?

If you leave home without your parents' permission you can be declared a runaway.

Can a 17 yr old girl move out in state of Missouri without getting in trouble?

Yes, with parental permission. Without it, they can be reported as a runaway.

What happens if a 17 year old in California leaves his home without parental consent?

He can be reported and charged as a runaway.

Can a 16 year old move out of their parents house without the parents consent in ND?

No. They will be considered elopement/runaway.

Can you take in a 16 year old that has been kicked out?

If they have reported the child as a runaway (they might've changed their mind) and you have her, you can go to prison for harboring a runaway. You have to speak to the social workers so you have legal custody or is a foster parent. That way you also get child support from the biological parents. A minor can not just move in without an adult guardian.

Is a 16 year old considered a runaway from home in the state of Missouri?

Assuming they're absent from home without their parents' permission, absolutely they're considered a runaway.

Can the police take you back to your house if you move out without your parents consent in the state of ct?

Yes of course, you are a runaway.

What is considered a runaway?

A minor person who has left the care of their parents without permission and is considered incapable of living on their own, is considered to be a runaway. The laws on child runaways varies with each state.

Can a 15 year old leave their home without their parents' permission?

Not legally. Physically they could. They would be reported as a runaway and be returned to the original home by the authorities. Meanwhile anyone helping them would be charged for helping them which is a serious crime with prison to follow.

Is a seventeen year old a runaway or missing?

The parents can report him as missing or as a runaway and then it depends on what the police finds. If they find no suspicion of him to be a runaway he will be called as missing and the other way around. Until he is 18 he is not allowed to move out without parental permission.

Can you move out of your parents house at 16 in the state of Georgia?

No. You are a minor until the age of 18. If you leave at 16 without parents permission you can be legally considered a runaway.

If im 16 and leave my house without my parent's permission can i be reported as a runaway and be arrested?

If you live in the US... Of course, your parents can report you as a runaway, because that's what you'll be. On the first offense you'll likely just be picked up and brought back home (and then you get to deal with unhappy parents who may take away all your privileges and freedoms and ground you until the day you turn 18). If you continue to runaway, then the court can get involved. They can order you to pay fines, do community service, be restricted to curfew, attend counseling, etc. And also, if anyone harbored you, assisted you, or encouraged you to runaway, they can face charges for it.

How old do you have to be to leave your parents in South Carolina without the police getting involved?

If you leave home before the age of 18 without parental consent or being emancipated, then your parents can report you as a runaway. South Carolina

Can a 17 almost 18 year old leave home without parent permission and not et in trouble?

Not without having parental permission. Otherwise, until you reach the age of majority, you can be reported as a runaway.

What can a parent do if a underage teen moves out without permission?

Report them to the police as a runaway. Until they reach the age of 18, they are the responsibility of the parents.

Can a 14 year old move out of her parents' home without being considered a runaway?

No she can not. As long as you are a minor you will need their consent.

Can the parents do something if the 17 yr old legal age runaway is going through abuse?

If a minor is reported as a runaway the police will look after her and the people protecting and helping her will get into trouble for harboring a runaway. You say she's of legal age and with that I assume you mean moving out and that you then have given her permission. A minor can not move out without parental permission unless she is emancipated by the court. Legal age is 18 and you will be responsible for her until she is 18. Even if she move out. So unless she is emancipated by the court she is still a minor and abuse should be reported to the CPS and police. If you can't not go near they can ask her if she wants out.

Will a 17-year-old in Ohio be charged as a runaway if they leave home without parental consent?

Yes you will be charged as a runaway(if your parents call the police)the only way to move out of your parents house is if you get married(which your parents have to sign for if your under 18). There is no emansipation law in Ohio so that is also out of the question. so if your parents don't call the police on you then your in the clear.

What can parents do in the state of Mississippi if their 16 year old child moves out?

A minor can not move out without your permission or by being emancipated by the court so you can report him as a runaway and have the police assist you to get him back. Anyone helping a runaway will be committing a crime.

What can happen if you move out when you are 17 and move by yourself without being emancipated?

Your parents could report you as a runaway, and you could be picked up and returned home.

What is the legal age to move out in North Carolina without being charged as a runaway?

The age of majority, which is 18 in North Carolina. Until then the parents are responsible.

Is it true that in the state of Kentucky that six months before a minor's 18th birthday they could move out without parental permission and not be charged as a runaway?

Anyone under the age of 18 is a minor, so if you leave home before turning 18, without your parents consent, then they can report you to the police as a runaway.

What is the legal runaway age in Ohio?

There is no legal runaway age in any state. At 18, you're an adult and you can leave without being a runaway.