Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can a 16-year-old girl move in with a 20-year-old girl if the 16-year-old has parental permission to live with that friend?


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in a word, NO, regardless of what the parents say, a 16 year old is a minor and the resposibility of the parents, any sexual contact, whether condoned by the parents and consented by the 16 year old still constitutes statutory rape, statutory rape is when a minor and a non minor have sexual contact, being the minor is not the age of consent, it is considered rape, but to a lessor degree


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With parental permission you can.

Yes, I think as long as you have your parents permission you can move.

If they have parental permission. The parents are responsible for the child. They can decide where the child lives.

Generally, no. Until you are 18 you would need parental permission.

Only with parental permission unless he gets emancipated by the court or through marriage.

The age of majority in TX is 18. You can move out at 17 if you have parental permission or you

If you are not of legal age (generally 18) you may not leave the parental home and reside with someone else w/o parental permission or a court order giving the other party legal guardianship.

In most states you have to be 18 to move out without parental permission.

For a minor to be eligible for adoption they must be either, orphaned by the death of both parents; or both parents voluntarily relinquish their parental rights; or one parent relinquish parental rights so the minor child can be adopted by the new spouse of the the custodial parent; or by all parental rights be terminated by the court. A minor may only move in with another relative or a friend of the family if parental permission is granted or by a court order allowing the action.

Only with her permission.

No, not without your parents' permission.

No one can seduce you without your permission.

If you are over 13 you can have a boyfriend but if you are under 13 you have to get parents permission

uhm. if that minor doesn't have parental consent then yes.

First of all a friend does not borrow your car without your permission- if they used it without your permission they really arent your friend and they technically stole your car- Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle- Their insurance will cover them only if you file a complaint with the police stating that the person did not have your permission to use the car. Otherwise your insurance will cover the loss and your rate may jump or you may get cancelled. Your call- depends on how much the claim is and how good the friend is

No, they cannot move out without parental permission. The key here is the age of majority (adulthood). If they are in an unsafe place, they should contact social services in their area for assistance.

No, the non custodial parent cannot give permission to have a friend look after their child and non custodial means you have no custody rights so the permission should be granted by the parent that has custodial rights.AnswerIf you are the parent with legal custody you do not need the non-custodial parent's permission to allow your friend to watch your child. The parent who has legal custody has both the right and the authority to make that decision.

It is okay to WANT to kiss your male friend - but you do not kiss anyone (male or female, friend or not) without asking their permission.

No, you cannot move out eithout their permission. Your parents are responsible for you until you are 18.

Not without parental consent. Until they are 18, the parents are responsible for them and decide where they live.

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