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Yes. A minor child can be forced to submit to drug or alcohol testing on the request of a parent if it is suspected that the minor is engaging in illegal activity. If the minor is not willing, the parents may petition the juvenile court for a mandatory order for the testing to be done.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old be forced to take a drug test by their parent?
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Can you be forced to take a drug test?

by a judge.

Should a child be forced to reconcile with an abusive parent through forced counselling?

No he should never be forced to reconcile with a abusive parent, then the troubles increase and he will take more time to recover.

Can a sixteen year old be forced to take a drug test?

In general YES As a minor and legally under control of a parent or guardian certain specific laws apply depending on location.

If you take drugs where it is legal can it be held against you in the US?

No, if the drug is legal, you cannot get into criminal trouble in the U.S. for doing it there. However, if you are later forced to take a drug test (such as by your employer), there may be negative consequences.

what steps do i need to take to get custody of my son even though i am not the biological parent. what will i have to prove will i have to take a drug test do i have to have a job what rights do i have ?

If you are not the child's parent, you do not have priority in a custody dispute with a biological parent. If the custodial parent is unfit and this is proven by CPS, the child can be awarded to another family member. But since you are not related to the child and are not his parent, you don't have any rights.

You are under the age of 18 and need a parent signature to take a drug test for a job you are applying for If you fail will your parents be informed?


Does a parent have to be home during visitation?

If their parent is not present to take advantage of their court ordered visitations the custodial parent should return to court to change the order, especially if there is a concern for the child's safety. The child has the right to be in the care and custody of the non-custodial parent during visitations and should not be forced to spend their visits with others in the absence of their parent.

How long are opiates detectable in your system?

48-72 hours. I use to take urine tests on a regular for drug rehab forced by court.

If a child over 18 is forced to leave home because of drug use does that make him emancipated and therefore not eligible for the other parent to take him in ask for child support until 21?

if the child is 18 or over you shouldn't have to pay any child support at all unless you have back child support

Can the ministry take a child away from a good mother if she uses drugs?

You haven't defined "the ministry". The government can take a child away from a parent who engages in drug abuse. A substance abuser is not a good parent. Their drug abuse clouds their judgment and causes them to neglect their child's needs. They cannot monitor their child's safety and their children usually face too much responsibility for their age. The state can take custody and place the child in a safe environment. You should be aware that it is not the actual drug use alone that is the issue but the effect it has on the parent's ability to raise the child. If your drug use is reported to the courts or Child Protective Services you would be ordered to submit to a drug test. You would test positive. The court would intrude into your life and take legal control of your child.

What percentage of girls are forced to take part in beauty pageants?

No one is forced to take part.

Can state take child if parent refuses drug testing?

If they suspect you are doing drugs and you refuse to give evidence you don't they can remove the child from you so he is safe. They would then assume you are using drugs and a drug user is not safe around a child.

Can you take drug with grapefruit?

Depends on the drug. Some state not to take with grapefruit.

Can you be a drug addict at the age of 13?

Depending on what drug you take and how often you take it, you can be a drug addict at any age really.

How do you purchase birth control patch from a drug store?

if you go to any plan parent hood and say you want birth control, they will explain all the different types. then the one you pick theyll fill you a script for it, and you can take it to any drug store and get it.

Can you fail a drug test if you take pristiq?

can a fail a drug test if I take clonazepan

What legal action can a custodial parent take against the noncustodial parent who is a licensed nurse for giving 14 year old an unprescribed drug Lortab?

This may be sufficient to warrant a change of custody to prohibit unsupervised visitation with the child and the non-custodial parent. It should also be reported to the licensing board.

How do you geet a court ordered drug test for non custodial parent?

Through a motion to the court, but there needs to be some overriding evidence necessitating this need. Also, the primary parent should also volunteer to take a drug test using a hair sample to determine any long term use. This should not be used to just circumvent a custody challenge.

Can a drug test tell which route you take a drug?

Drug tests can not differentiate the means of taking a drug.

Can a parent refuse to take care of children while the other parent works?

You'd be a terrible parent if you did

Can a parent take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent And if they do will child support continue?

You cannot take a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent.

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