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Can a 17-year-old girl from Colorado get married to a 21-year-old from Tennessee?

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Not unless you have parental permission. Otherwise the age is 18, legally.

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Do you have to get a divorce in Tennessee if you were married in Tennessee?

No. You can get a divorce in any state.

Can you get a divorce in Colorado if you married in Texas?

Yes, if you are a resident of Colorado.

Marriage age Tennessee At what age do you can a person get married in Tennessee with and without parent guardian permission.?

In Tennessee you can get married without permission at the age of 18. With parental permission you can get married at 16. Under 16 requires a court order.

Can you get married at the age of 14 in Tennessee with parental consent?

No, you cannot get married in Tennessee at age 14. Even with a court order you have to be at least 16.

You were married in California and now live in Colorado and want divorce?

File for divorce in Colorado.

Can you get married to an illegal immigrant from Mexico in Colorado?

no,you can not

If you live in Tennessee and are getting married in Mississippi can you get a Tennessee marriage license?

No, the marriage is not taking place in Tennessee and is therefore not under the laws of that state.

Where did Andrew Johnson get married?

He married Eliza McCardle in her mother's home in Greeneville Tennessee.

Who was Stephen f Austin married to?

=He was married to a woman from Tennessee briefly. It was annulled. He then married an Indian woman in Arkansas

Your husband is in prison in Colorado you live in Texas you were married in Colorado what are the procedures for divorce?

nope nope

Can you get a marriage license in California and get married in Colorado?

No, you need the license from the location of the ceremony. You will have to apply in Colorado.

Is it possible to get a divorce in Tennessee when married in Georgia?


Can you use a Florida marriage license to get married in Tennessee?

I think NO because it is a Florida marriage license not Tennessee

Where is the cabin from Tyler perry's why did you get married?

Aspen colorado

Is Seth Smith of the Colorado Rockies married?


16 and a 24 year old married in Colorado?


Where did jennifer nettles get married?

Blackberry Farms in Tennessee, in November. ;-)

What is the legal drinking age in Tennessee even if married?


Is CNN's anchor Amy Holmes married?

Yes, she is married to June Kolo. The personality of Colorado!

Can you get married at the garden of the gods in Colorado Springs?

Yes you can. Garden of the Gods is where my mother and stepfather were married

Can a same-sex married couple file a joint state income tax return in Colorado?

Yes. The Colorado state tax code relies upon the IRS's definition of marriage and, therefore, the Colorado Department of Revenue has ruled that a legally married same-sex couple legally married that lives in Colorado may jointly file their state income tax return as "married" (either jointly or separately).

When getting married in Tennessee do you have to have one parent or both to get married?

Just one, but it can also be a legal guardian

In Tennessee can i get my child if her mother and i were never married?

Yes, in Tennessee you can fight the mother of your child in court. You will have better luck if you have a lawyer but you have just as much right to the child as she does even though you were never married.

Colorado do you file divorce in county you live in or married in?

live in

Are you required to have a job to get married in Colorado?

I don't think so.