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Can a 19-year-old man get into legal trouble if he gets a girl pregnant if her parents had consented to the relationship?

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Depends on the age of the girl and the state you are in. If she is 17 or under, there could be problems in many states.

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If you are pregnant at 16 with a 18 year old can he legally get in trouble even though our parents consented?

The answer to this question depends on your location.

Can a 19-year-old man get into legal trouble if he gets a girl pregnant if her parents had consented to the relationship and their in the state of Idaho?

If she was under the age of sexual consent, of course he can get into trouble. It doesn't matter that her parents 'allowed' it. A person does not have the right to give someone else (even their own child/their child's boyfriend) permission to break the law.

What if the girl was fifteen turning sixteen 1 month later and the parents consented to it?

Parents cannot consent to illegal activities.

Doctor Jones legally sterilizes a minor. What necessarily must have happened A. the minor consented B. the parents consented C. a court ordered it D. the child was a rape vict?

a court ordered itA. the minor consentedB. the parents consentedC. the court ordered itD. the child was a rape victimThe answer to this question is C.Generally, neither a minor nor parents may consent to sterilization, transplants, experimental medical care, or refusal or withholding of treatment with out a court order.Found on page 77 in the Law, liability, and Ethics Text Book

In California can the parents of a 16-year-old girl press charges against her 19-year-old boyfriend if the parents originally consented to the relationship?

Yes. The age of consent is 18 in California, and parents cannot 'consent' to breaking the law. It is actually considered child abuse or the parents could even be charged for a crime in allowing it to happen.

If a 15-year-old gets pregnant by 22-year-old willingly in Kentucky what are circumstances?

if charges are pressed by your parents not by you then the guy will go to jail for statutory rape which means that although consented he did have sex with you.

If a 24 yr old man gets a 16 yr old pregnant can her parents press charges even if she consented and is against the charges?

That will depend on the laws. In many places 16 is the age of consent and the parents will not be able to bring any charges. In others, they would be able to if the age of consent is higher.

How is the relationship between Randy Orton and his parents?

His relationship with his parents is great

Can a 19 year old get in trouble for getting his 17 year old girl friend pregnant in Texas?

Yes. It's called Statutory rape. Since she is not yet an adult She does not have the right to decide to get pregnant or have sex. Her parents carry that right until she turns 18 and can file rape charges on her behalf even if she consented.

What was margot frank relationship with her parents?

maragret frank relationship with her parents- daughter

Can you tell the gender of a fetus by the relationship of the parents?

No. The gender is not related to the relationship of the parents.

Is it illegal for a 21 year old to get a 16 year old pregnant in Kentucky?

It isn't illegal if she consented. But I'd stay away from the parents! You've pretty much messed her life up and haven't done well for yourself. You have your own jail to contend with now.

What is the relationship with gay parents and their children?

It is no different than the relationship between straight parents and their children.

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What should you do if your parents do not want you to have a relationship which you had. and you treasures this relationship?

You have to realise your parents that there is no harm in this relationship and you treasure it a lot.You will not be happy without it.

Do you have to have a relationship with your parents before you have a relationship with someone else?

it is always better to have a relationship with your parents be4 someone else ypur parents are the people you can look up to when he/she breaks your heart :DDD

What are groom's parents relationship to bride's parents?

They are NOT related.

If a minor gets pregnant can their parents decide if they keep it or not?

no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.

If your pregnant can you move out of your parents house in Florida?

If you are 18 or older. If not you are pregnant minor and still your parents responsiblity and they can tell you what to do.

If a 17-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy runaway to Georgia and get married because the girl is pregnant and parental consent is not required can the boy's parents annul the marriage or anything?

yess and they can also charge him with statuary rape even if she consented

What is the legally way to get married to a 16 year old?

i think if the women in the relationship is pregnant you don't need your parents consent in Georgia... I'm not too sure though

What do you call the relationship between the brides parents and grooms parents?

The relationship between the bride and groom's parents are 'in-laws.' It's an extension of family through marriage.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant at 16?

A female is fully capable of getting pregnant at age 16. If you are thinking of becoming sexually active, you should speak to your doctor about the risk, and precautions you should take against them. If you have an open enough relationship with your parents, you should consider seeking advise from them, if not parents, than another trusted adult.

What is the relationship of children to their parents?

there genes

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