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Can a 23 year old get arrested for getting a 16 year old pregnant?


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It will depend on the specific laws in the location where they are. In some places that would be sexual crime even if she consented.

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depends which country and state you are in. in the united kingdom you can not get arrested for this.

Yes. The 19 year old is an adult and the 16 year old is a minor.

uhh i think but it depends what state you live in

yes you can you are concidered an adult and you can be charged for that

No she cant the truth is you can have a baby any age with anyone if you have a period

Yes! depending on which state your in and what the parents reaction is going to be. GoodLuck

I don't think so, If they are both over the age of consent then no.

It is possible in the state of Nevada. The age of consent is 17 in that state.

yes. your underage and that can get him arrested. IT can also get you put on probation.

Yes. On top of getting pregnant, the 23 yo woman would get arrested for Statuatory Rape of the 15 yo boy (even the sex was consensual).

They both can get arrested for first having sex when minors, two for making her pregnant.

Lucky for you, after the sweet age of sixteen, you can no longer be tried for statutory rape in the state of Georgia.

It's statutory rape to have sex with a 15yo in California. The age of consent is 18 with no close in age exemptions.

Yes. It is a violation of the Louisiana Criminal Code § 14-80 and could result in 10 years in prison.

How can you get arrested? It's just 2 years difference I don't think you can get arrested. .

in the state of illinois can a 18 year old boy get in trouble for getting a 15 year old girl pregnant even if they are in a relationship

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