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No, 3 weeks old is too old for a puppy to be docked. Puppies need to be less than four days old to have this operation.

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Q: Can a 3 week old boxer puppy have their tail docked?
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If i adopt a 6 week old boxer puppy with an undocked tail should i take it to the vet or will it be to late to be docked?

If you adopt a six-week old Boxer puppy with an undocked tail, there is no need to take it to the vet, it is to late to have the tail docked.

Is three week to old to dock a puppy tail?

Yes, 3 weeks is too old to dock a puppy's tail. Normally this procedure is done between the ages of 2-5 days old. You can have it done at 3 weeks but now it will be a major surgery where the puppy will have to be sedated and the tail docked and sutures put in. It will cost a lot more too.

How big should a 12 week old boxer mastiff mix breed be?

Our Boxer/Mastiff mix puppy is 14 weeks and 30lbs.

What should I be feeding a 8 week old boxer puppy?

Dry puppy food,try to get a good name brand but you don`t have to go overboard on the price.

Can you buy a 3 week old boxer puppy?

No, I do not believe that you can get a puppy that is 3 weeks old. As far as I know, the puppy of any breed has to be at least 6 weeks old in order to take it home. Sorry if this answer is disappointing, but the puppy has to stay with its mother for that long.

What age do you remove a puppies dewclaw?

Puppy's should have their dew claws removed within first week and some breeds need the tails docked within 48 hours of birth

Can a 11 week old puppy have loperamide?

. Get your puppy to the vet.

Is it normal for your 8 week old boxer puppy to have blood red eyes?

I have had Boxers for about 4 years...mine have always had some what blood shots eyes. They have never been a solid red.

Can you feed a 6 week old puppy puppy food?


how old is puppy?

a puppy age is week old

What can happen of you overfeed an 8 week old puppy?

The puppy can get sick.

What a feed a six week old puppy?

Dry puppy food.

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