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yes but it would not be that serious you could hold hands and hug and maybe kiss on the cheek but that's it your still young and theres time for the other stuff later.

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Q: Can a 5 grade boy have a girifriend?
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Find out if a grade 5 boy likes you?

Ask him out

Is 5 42 a good mile time for a 6th grade boy?

yep mine was 5 44 in grade 6

How do you get a grade 5 girl get a grade 7 boy to like her or ask her out?

it doesnt happen...sorry.

How do you get a 5 grade boy to like you?

Act yourself and hope for the best.

How do you know if a boy in your grade 5 class likes you?

Usually if they tease you or they are mean to you.

How do you get a boy to like you in grade 5?

Have confidence, be nice don't cuss and talk to him

How do you dress for a boy at school im 5 grade?

well you can dress up sexy

Can you kiss a boy when your in 5th grade?

you CAN kiss a boy in 5th grade

Is being 105 pounds for a boy in fifth grade thats 5 1?

105 pounds for a boy in fifth grade means he is chubby. He is supposed to work out so that he loses some of his weight.

Is it possible for a 6th grader to be 5 foot 5?

It is not only possible , it is not really unusual for either a boy or a girl to be that tall in 6th grade.

How does 5 grade romance go?

you have a crush on a boy and then you just like him but dont hug or kiss him

If you r in 5 grade do you have 2 hug the boy until he dumps you?

no. if u dont want to.