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No. Wrong size.

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2010-04-26 02:02:30
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Q: Can a Air soft spring pistol shoot metal bbs?
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Is 20.00 a good price for a spring air soft pistol?

most spring airsoft pistols cost about that... but if it's a used pistol than it should be about 10

What is the most reliable spring powered air soft pistol?

stinger p311

Can you shoot an air-soft BB out of a metal BB gun?

No, they are too large.

What does it mean when an air-soft pistol is spring powered?

It means it's not powered by electric or CO2 if it is spring powered you have to cock it after each shot

Can an air soft gun to shoot full auto can it be spring powered or does it have to be electric?

It has to be electric (AEG).

Do you have to charge a spring air soft gun?

yes, you have to pull back to tense the spring. EXAPMLES: pulling back on slide on a pistol pumping the grip on a shotgun

What is the best full metal blow back co2 powered air soft pistol?

The best full metal blow back CO2 powered airsoft pistol is the U.S. Army Duty Calls Elite 1911 Full Metal GBB Airsoft Pistol. A close second is the 500 FPS Full Metal M87, Sport 301L.

Is metal hard or soft?

Soft metal

Can you shoot metal bbs out of an AIR soft gun?

You can sort of dribble metal BBs from an airsoft gun. Airsofts are 6mm- about .220. BBs are .177, a lot smaller.

Is gold considered soft metal or a hard metal?

It is a soft metal

Is plutonium a hard metal or soft metal?

Plutonium is not a soft metal.

What is the difference in battery or gas powered air soft guns?

In a gas there there is no spring, it is more like a real gun but with gas instead. In battery/electric there is a spring but It resets itself after every round unlike a spring pistol where you have to cock it every time.

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