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No, a Bidoof cannot evolve into any Legendary Pokémon in Diamond.

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What is puge on Pokemon Diamond?

a purge Pokemon is a fake Pokemon but if you use ar your bidoof will evolve into it

How do you evolve shaymin into bidoof?

you cant. shaymin is like, legendary.

When does bidoof evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Bidoof evolves at level 15 into Bibarel.

Which legendary Pokemon evolve?

i cannot answer the question - wich legendary Pokemon evolve? but i can answer the question - do any legendary Pokemon evolve - and the answer is... no!

Can some legendary Pokemon evolve?

No legendary Pokemon are able to evolve yet.

How do you evolve bidoof into purge on diamond?

You cant evole it but if you get a copy that is $40 you can get it

Can you Evolve Legendary Pokemon?

No the only legendary pokemon that CAN evolve is phione and it evolves into manaphy

How do you evolve legendary Pokemon?

you cant evolve legendary Pokemon unless you use a cheat

Pokemon diamond how does shaymin involve?

No it Dosent Because Shaymin is a Legendary. LEGENDARYS DONT EVOLVE!

Good team on Pokemon diamond just started?

Turtwig, Shinx, Starly, Bidoof. Later, evolve these Pokemon to be much stronger. Torterra, Luxray, Starraptor, Bibarel. :)

What are Palkia's and Dialga's evolutions?

Palkia and Dialga do not evolve. Legendary Pokemon don't evolve. Palkia and Dialga are both legendary Pokemon that appeared in the game Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum, so they do not evolve. By Allen306 That is wrong my friend palkia and dialga do evolve Palkia evolves into ducbag Dialga evolves into ashole

What Pokémon can turn into legendary Pokémon and name all of the Pokémon that evolve into legendary Pokémon?

legendary Pokemon don't evolve into/from anything. Without GameShark,no Pokemon can evolve into a legendary.

Does articuno evolve?

Articuno is a legendary and legendary Pokemon don't evolve.

Does any legendary Pokemon evolve?

No, no legendary Pokemon evolve from any game sometimes people consider lucario a legendary Pokemon and it evolves from riolu.

Can mew evolve in Pokemon?

No, because no legendary Pokemon can evolve.

How do you evolve the legendary Pokemon in delugerpg?

You cannot evolve a Legendary Pokemon, if you could it wouldn't be even considered a Legendary Pokemon. It would be just considered a rare original Pokemon.

Can bidoof evolve into a legendary Pokemon?

No, sadly it evolves in Bibarrel. If it did end up evolving I would know...I have a whole box full of them. If it somehow does end up evolving, I'll tell you, but I'm almost 100% sure that no, it does not evolve into a Ledgandary Pokemon.

Pokemon Diamond how can you make shaymin evolve?

Shaymin does not evolve in Pokemon Diamond.

How do you evolve a Legendary Pokemon?

You don't, Legendary Pokémon cannot evolve.

What legendary Pokemon evolve?

Im sorry but lengendary Pokemon don't evolve because they are legendary but some fossils evolve like kabuto Hope this helped

How do you make legendary Pokemon evolve?

for Soul Silver: The legendary Pokemon DON'T evolve!(only Manaphy can generate Phione eggs, but Phione DOESN'T evolve)!

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