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If the barrel says"2 3/4 inch shells", don't shoot 3 inch magnums. You might get away with it for several hundred shells, or you may crack the stock or forearm with the next shell you fire. If you want a magnum, go buy one, and save the Auto 5 for pheasants quail, and rabbits.

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Q: Can a Browning A-5 shoot 3-inch mag?
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Recommend you have it examined by a gunsmith.

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Try the blue book of gun values base on condition

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Depends on when it was made. Go to and ask.

Where can I find a replacement barrell that I can shoot steel shot in my Browning A5 Magnum sr?

Try online auctions.

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50-450 usd

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Would Serial number 6z 5116 be a belgium browning light twenty or is it a mag twenty?

This is a lightweight 20ga A5 made in 1966. The barrel should be marked for 2 3/4 shells. ***If the barrel is marked for 3" shells then it is not the original barrel. It is not safe to shoot 3" mag shells with the standard receiver.

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The .410 Browning A5 is an urban legend. Browninig never produced a .410 A5. No

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You will have to call browning with the sn to find out.

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fn a5

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YOu must call Browning.

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A semi-automatic shotgun.

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Your browning sweet sixteen was made by browning in 1954.

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It should.

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Blue Book of Gun Values, call browning.

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