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Yes, by using the HM Dive.

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Q: Can a Pokemon GO under water in ruby?
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How can you go unde water in Pokemon Ruby?

To go under water in Pokemon ruby, you must first have i think it is 6 or 7 badges and then have a water Pokemon who can learn dive... then all you need is to get the hm dive, teach it to that water Pokemon and you're all set! hope i helped a little bit =)

How do you go under ground in Pokemon ruby?

you cant go underground but you can go under water by using the move dive. you get dive in mossdeep city

How do catch a ralicanth in Pokemon Sapphire?

in Pokemon sapphire/ruby you need to go under water in go into the grass it might take a while but keep trying and don't give up.

How do you go out of the rocks in the water on Pokemon ruby?

u cant

You cant find relicanth in Pokemon ruby please help?

go under water in mosdeep city( i think its mosdeep) and keep looking.

How do you put Diamond Pokemon to Pokemon Ruby?

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

Where is the 8th Gym in Pokemon Ruby?

to get to the 8th gym in Pokemon ruby, go to lily cove and surf east a bit then down. theres a a big dive spot. go down using dive. follow the under water hallway until the is an entrance. go in . ure in sotopolis at the gym.

Where do you go after the seventh gym on Pokemon Ruby?

to the 8th gym :p but seriosly i think u go to stooplis meaning u have to go under water about west form mosdeep

How can you catch rencath in ruby?

you go under water using dive then go into the grass and keep going around in the grass and battling the Pokemon til u find relicanth

What Pokemon should you have to go to the moon in Pokemon ruby?

You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby

Do you bring all of your Pokemon when you go to johto in Pokemon ruby?

you dont go to jhoto in ruby

How many Pokemon is it in Pokemon Ruby?

there are 200386 Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Ruby if you go to Nintendo Events.