Can a Pokemon GO up to level 171 without cheatcodes?

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no,a Pokemon can only go to lvl 100 without gameshark or AR
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How do you insert cheatcodes to Pokemon Sapphire?

Answer . You need to buy an Action Replay or a Gameshark in this world. Nintendo and I do NOT endorse these devices. Both devices should have cheats already loaded onto them.

How do you level up Pokemon in Pearl without cheating?

The same way you do in every other Pokemon game fight other Pokemon. or you can put them in daycare, I currently am levelling up empoleon and torterra in daycare training i nfernape with an exp share and actually killing stuff with my luxray all the while walking around with an egg. ( Full Answer )

What level does nidorina level up in on Pokemon?

The Nidoran male and female evolved at level 17 after that they need a moon stone to become Nidoking and Nidoqueen. Nidoqeen from female Nidoran and Nidoking from male Nidoran. sign Empoleon the water steel Pokemon . . I'm sorry,but your terribly wrong. It's level 16 it evolves, and yes it needs ( Full Answer )

How can you level up Pokemon easily without battling or using the day care in Pokemon pearl?

em id say if u like exploring go find yourself some rare candies or somtin its easy to find them but hard to save up so you should use dem wisley! hope i helped or if you only need to level up 1 Pokemon and its at a low level you could put it as your first Pokemon and go to a place with strong Po ( Full Answer )

What is the cheatcode for shiny Pokemon?

THIS IS VERY SAD ANOTHER LOSER WHO USES CHEATS. Cheating Shows how little you know about Pokemon and how sappy and weak your Pokemon are. I HOPE THIS DIDN'T HELP YOU LITTLE BIT OF SCUM-Signed The Girl Pokemon Master,BailiB

Is their a quick way to get Pokemon to go up levels faster on Pokemon pearl?

action replay quick level code and you can leave it in the day care but beware it learns all the moves it learns as it levels up so get your Pokemon uo to about lvl 50 then put it in the day care+add a year onto your calendar and the Pokemon in the daycare will be lvl 100 hope this works!

The 494 Pokemon cheatcode for Pokemon Pearl?

there is a 494 but you need the bad egg whitch you can get from an action replay.(im wondoring if its on an i-cheat and if you get it tell me its name so i can do it on my i-cheat.). do not get that bad egg!!!!!! when i got mine it crashed my whole game dood

Is there a dead rising cheatcode that will get you to level 50?

no. no cheat codes at all. an easy way to level up is kill loads of zombies by getting a car and killing loads in the maintenance tunnel and when it is destroyed, head over to the truck outside the meat processing area. it lasts 700 and something kills.

What level does a trico level up on on Pokemon?

lv 16 Do you mean Treecko, the grass starter of Hoenn? If you do, he EVOLVES into Grovyle at lv. 16. He levels up every level (why do you think they are called levels?). Get your Pokemon facts straight.

Cheatcodes for Pokemon

I got all legendary Pokemon and all Pokemon level up easily Just go to and send the information .................. that's all it works cool!!!!!!!!!!

How do you level up your Pokemon without battling?

You can get rare candy by getting Battle points when you have rare candy just give them to your Pokemon to level up by one hope that helped or use an Exp. share and battle with stronger Pokemon

How do you level up your Pokemon to level 100 without using cheats?

You have to train really hard. Fight the person that gives out the most xp and kill that Pokemon. Okay, even though you can't really kill Pokemon, I agree with that. It takes a mind-numbing amount of time. You will get completely fed up with the music, and you might even ragequit three or four ti ( Full Answer )

How do you enter cheatcodes on Pokemon firered?

1. get ds 2. get ds AR code holder or whatever its called 3. find codes online 4. activate codes and your good to go. **hint** i heard you could get AR code thing at Walmart in Dubuque, IA with HG and SS.

Easy level up Pokemon?

go fight the elite four and beat them over and over and you will reach a 100 soon i did this myself and it worked ======== Trade them to another Gameboy/ds you get one and a half time the xp then trade them back, notice Gameboy shows you how long ago i did it ;)

How do you use cheatcodes for Pokemon?

action replay at kmart or r4s have a cheat function i recomend r4 and if your wondering r4s are cheap and can download lots of games.

How to level up Pokemon fast?

Battle alot. Use Exp share to level up lower level Pokemon. Or use a rare candy to instantly raise a Pokemon's level by one.

How do you type in cheatcodes in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You buy an action replay... I am not sure though how much they have increased in prise. Last time I got one when I played Pearl (Cheating is bad btw for these games too pro to cheat and damage their gameplay) but they are around 30 dollars if I am correct.

How can you level up Pokemon quick?

If your training a Pokemon that was traded to you it will receive boosted exp points also if a Pokemon holds a lucky egg it will receive more exp points.

How do you level up Pokemon in platinum?

battle other pokemons! and also you can leave your Pokemon in the pokeday-care and for every step you take you give your Pokemon 1 exp. point. :) hope i helped:P

Is there cheatcodes for Pokemon Black and White?

all you have to do is download action replay dsi v. 1.25 . i will tell you how to: READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: 1. go to, go to support, click on Action Replay DSI (micro SD version) v.1.25 firmware update. 2. click it. the link to download is at the bottom of the ( Full Answer )

Can berries level up Pokemon?

No they cant you have to level them up by exp. points, stones,special places or by trading them

How do you level up level 32 Pokemon?

you need to train them in many grassy areas. try looking for Pokemon that match there level and are hard to compete with.

How do you level up on Moshi Monsters fast without going to Puzzle Palace?

You can only earn a certain number of points each day so no one can level up any faster than anyone else. To level up you do the following: Play with your monster. Earn points playing the Challenge Puzzle. Earn points playing the Training puzzles. Earn points playing the mini games. Ea ( Full Answer )