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No that is called breaking and entering.But stupid things like breaking the law have never stopped some repo companies.You should sue the lender not the repo criminnal.Check for damage and file a police report.Then sue you don't need a lawyer you represent yourself. The repo company cannot "Breach the Peace" to get a vehicle. In short, that means they cannot; pull you over or make you stop while driving down the road. Or, physically remove you from your vehicle. They must leave your property when requested to do so. They connot enter a closed private garage. Remember, the rules of leaving property are different for (home owner v. renter, public garage, apt. complex etc.) Keeping a vehile listed for repossission in a closed garage will help you out in the short term. The repo company can and will go back to the lender and obtain a court order to come inside the garage and take possession of the vehicle. This may take a matter of two weeks to a month. If that is all the time you need to get caught up or file the necessary BK paperwork it might be a good plan. But keeping the vehicle in a closed garage will not help out forever.

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Q: Can a SUV be repossessed from a closed garage in Georgia?
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