Can a Scorpio man be a faithful lover?


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Quite literally as faithful as anyone else. Date and time of birth have little if anything to do with the choices people make.


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YES! There ARE loyal Scorpio men!

Yes. Virgo and Scorpio are mutual counterparts - half alike and half different. If a Scorpio man DOES cheat, it's usually because he's "a bad Scorpio."

No. He has a wife, a lover , a . . . .

Yes. If a Scorpio man isn't faithful, it's usually because he's not getting enough sex!

Most Scorpio men are faithful, but if they do cheat, it's because they can't talk their mates, and if they don't get enough sex.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio* and Pisces*.

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That depends on the Scorpio Man. He has to be emotionally mature to have a relationship.

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Any man can cheat, but it is most likely not a scorpio. Scorpios are loyal.

Yes. If he's not, it may be because of lack of sex!

Yes. They're similar to the Scorpio man.

The same way you would with a Scorpio man - be yourself.

It depends on the man, but generally speaking, any man can be faithful if that's what he wants.

A Taurus - Scorpio relationship tends to be difficult.

Be yourself, and don't let a Scorpio dominate you!

Any career that's challenging, like the Scorpio man.

He was married (and apparently faithful) to his wife Yvonne.

Yes, but cheating is a form of illness and varies very much from person to person.

Usually, yes. Scorpios usually cheat when they're unhappy and don't get enough sex.

Scorpio and Taurus are compatible to each other and yes she can stand the stare of a Scorpio man but would get wooed by the man for sure. There would be good understanding and love and affection between the couple.

They can be if they don't try to control each other.

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