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Can a UK citizen marry a visiting US citizen in the UK?


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can a usa citizen marry a uk citizen wal visting the uk

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Sometimes. A US citizen can marry anybody he/she likes. If a US citizen marries a UK citizen, that alone will not entitle him/her to UK citizenship. The US Citizen will stand to lose the US citizenship if he/she applies to get naturalized as a US citizen. UK citizenship can be acquired sometimes by descent.

yes, if you become a citizen of ANTARTICA and you also have to marry your mom.

You're asking, Can a US Citizen marry a US Permanent Resident!? What a funny question, but to be precise in my answer, YES! and YES, anyone can marry anyone as long as both the individuals are genuine, non-terrorists and non-criminal.

us citizen wanting to marry UK fiance in the u.k . then come back to the u.s to pack up and move to the u.k permantly with 2 sons and husband .

Of course he can. Who could disallow love? Barack Obama?

You can but be aware, that the UK citizen cannot legally change their status while in the US. It depends on where you both want to live. If the US citizen wants to come back to the UK, a marriage visa is needed from the British Embassy in the US. However if the UK citizen wants to live in the US, they will have to go back to the UK and the US citizen will then need to file the I-130. Until it comes through you cannot live in the US, but will have to wait in the UK.

In the way of actual paperwork, none apart from the marriage license. The UK citizen comes in on a visa waiver and you can get married in the US. For the US citizen to get to the UK, that is where the paperwork comes in. You both need to go to the UK embassy in the US and apply for a marriage visa for the US citizen to come into the UK. The US spouse will then be able to work straight away when you get to the UK also based on that visa.

A US citizen would have to apply for a visa and become resident. Alternatively they could marry a UK citizen. In addition a British Company could invite the US citizen to work in the UK and apply for a work visa on their behalf. There are quite a few ways to do it legally.

US and UK allow Dual citizenship. A person can be a US citizen and a citizen of UK if he/she desires to. But if a person applies to get naturalized as a citizen of UK when he/she is already a US citizen, then it will lead to losing US citizenship.So a person can have US & UK citizenship as long he/she is not a naturalized citizen of UK.

Yes but you do need to file outside of the US for permanent residency.

He is not a citizen of the US; however, he is a citizen of the UK and an honorary citizen of Italy.

No, you will have to get divorced, you will almost certainly get sent to prison for bigamy.

Actually if you marry a U.S. citizen you are now legal

To marry a native national, you will need to obtain written permission from your direct supervisor or commander.

yes If so then what steps would l being a us citizen need to follow after we marry in the us?

Yes a Zambian citizen can marry a Us citizen and work in the us because the zambian citizen can obtain a citizenship by marriage and automatically become a citizen of us and is allowed and qualified to work there.

Aliens do not exist, and thus, they cannot marry any US citizen.

get a passport to the us. then once you marry the GF, you are now a us citizen and can legally worl and live in America. XD

A marriage license is all you need. You have all you need to stay in the US.

You don't have to be a citizen to marry someone as long as you are a legal immigrant..

Yes! A USA. citizen can marry an undocumented citizen or illegal alien.

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