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If they are not 18 years of age no. But if they have parental consent then yes.

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Q: Can a US citizen under 18 marry an immigrant?
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Can a us citizen under 18 marry an illegal immigrant under 18?

No of course not because just because she/he is underage and illeagal doesnt mean new rules apply to him/her .

Can an 18 year old us citizen marry an illegal immigrant?

yes, and even u can sleep together also

Can an 18 yr old us citizen marry an 18 yr old immigrant in tx and get her residence without any problems what do we go through?

As long as they are a legal immigrant, there should be no problems. If they are not legal, it could result in deportation.

Can an 18-year-old US-born citizen marry an immigrant?

u can marry whoever u want, as long as ur in love with that person. otherwise u would have made a huge mistake.

Can you marry a girl under 18?

Yes but not without her parents consent and if you are under 18 you cant marry with out your parents consent.

Can a 16-year-old UK citizen marry an over 18-year-old non-UK citizen?


If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does the parent receive citizenship?

No, only when the child is an adult (18) can they request a green card for the parents. They will be illegal until then, unless they marry a citizen or get an employer to sponsor them.

How old must a sponsor for an immigrant be?

A sponsor should be atleast 18 years of age at the time of sponsoring an immigrant. He/she should be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident in order to be a sponsor.

How old must you be to marry an alien if you are a us citizen?

you must be 18 years of older

Can an immigrant with a baby of a us citizen apply for a green card?

Only after the child turns 18, can he/she petition for GC for the parent.

If a mother becomes a us citizen and her child has lived in the us as a rsident for over 5 years and is under the age of 18 does the child become a us citizen?

If any one of the paren is citizen..all children under 18 become US citizen automatically

Can i marry an illegal alien at 18?

Yes. There is generally no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. So, if you can marry at the age of 18 in your state, then it doesn't matter if the person you marry is a citizen, permanent resident or undocumented alien.

Is it illegal for you at age twenty to marry your girlfriend who is sixteen if her parents are ok with it in Virginia?

I believe it depends on the state, but in many states with full signed parental consent, you may marry under the age of 18. (It would depend on the state, how young you can marry, and if someone over 18 can marry someone under 18.)

You were under 18years old when your dad became American citizen so are you an American citizen?

no because your not 18 or over so your not a citizen yet.

A US citizen who wants to marry his filipina girlfriend in the Philippines how long can he join him in America?

18 mounths

Who can marry?

Mature grownups, anyone over 18, or anyone under 18 with their parents permission.

How old do you have to be to marry a immigrant?

18 or you have to have your parents consent if you are a minor and think hard about this decision when you marry an immigrant the government is involved in your lives and you will have to go to INS and deal with interviews to make sure that they think that your marriage is for love and not to just get his green card hope this helps Good luck and God Bless!!

Can a son of a deceased US citizen obtain US residency?

Yes. If their mother or father became a US. citizen then legally if they're under 18 they are a citizen.

Is a child under 18 years old a citizen or a us national?


Can a 18 year old immigrant be adopted to a us citizen if parents permission?

idk it might depend on what state your in but as long as they are legal immigrants i dont see why not

What materials do you need for citizenship?

green card life in amirca for 18 years and marry some one that has citizen ship

Where can you get married under 18 years old?

If you are under the age of 18 (a minor), in the United States, you can not marry anywhere without parental, or legal guardian consent.

State law requires any male that is a US citizen or immigrant who is at least 18 years old but less than?

Ummmm, I don't think that's a question.....

Can an 18 years old male us citizen living in Michigan marry 20 years old female from Myanmar?


What is the legal age to marry in Connecticut?

You have to be 18 to get married in Connecticut. But if you are under 18 parental consent is needed. Also if you are under 16 you cannot get married.

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