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Q: Can a baby turtle eat hermit crab food?
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Can you feed a baby yellow eared turtle hermit crab food?

Yes you can becausea turtle has a shell as well as a hermit crab. they both live in the water and eat simlar things.Yes you can because a turtle has a shell as well as a hermit crab.They both live in the water and eat simlar things.

What do you feed baby hermit crabs?

You give them the food you would give to a grown hermit crab.

How do you know if a hermit crab is hungry?

hermit crab will cry for food

Do all crabs eat hermit crab food?

im pretty sure that not all crabs eat hermit crab food. unless that u mean that do all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food? then the answer to that is yes. all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food.

What does a yellow hermit crab eat?

Get hermit crab food from the pet store.

What is the best food for the hermit crab?

The best food to get is the Crab Cakes!

Where can you get hermit crab food?

You can get hermit crab food at petstores.

Can a red ear slider eat hermit crab food?

well i have been feeding my 2 baby red eared sliders hermit crab food for a while and they seem ok they keep eating it .

Can you feed hermit crabs baby shrimp?

I wouldn't. Just feed them regular hermit crab food you find at a pet store.

What hermit crab eats?

Hermit Crab Food...From The Store... Don't listen to him... listen to me a hermit crab eats bug or small fish but I'm not sure

What is a hermit crab and what do they eat?

a hermit crab is a type of crab that some people have as a pet hermit crabs eat fruit and hermit crab food that they sell at most pet stores they really like mango's.

How does a hermit crab catch there food?

hermit crabs use their claws to grab food

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