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no..if its bad your car wont start

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Q: Can a bad ignition module cause one plug to missfire?
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Can a bad ignition cause no spark in your lawn tractor?

Yes. If the ignition is malfunctioning, the spark plug will not ignite. A bad ignition module, a bad spark plug or a bad plug wire are the most common causes of that (besides a bad battery, of course).

What could cause a no spark condition in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

bad ignition coil, bad plugs. bad plug wires, bad ignition control module........

What would be the cause of a misfire 1 and 5 in a 2001 Ford Taurus I have replaced coils plugs plug cables and injectors?

Ignition module.

Why doesn't my buick reatta have ignition spark?

check your plug wires, then your coil packs, then your ignition module.

I have a 1984 Chevy pickup with a 350 and it's misfiring. Why?

Things to check: Distributor cap, Plug wires, spark plugs, Ignition coil. On that year this is the most common things that would cause an engine missfire.

Do you damage the module if you cross the spark plug wires?

No but, if you leave a plug wire disconnected and not grounded while running the engine, you can damage the ignition module.

Where is the ignition and distributor located on a 1990 Chevy Celebrity?

The 1990 Chevy Celebrity engine is distributorless, the ignition is handled by a combination of the engine control module(computer) and the ignition control module. You did not mention which engine the car has. If your car has the 4 cylinder engine the ignition control module is below the intake manifold at the rear of the engine. You can follow the spark plug wires to it. The coils are mounted to the ignition control module. If your car has the V6 the ignition control module is near the starter and again you can follow the spark plug wires to it. Again the coils are mounted to the ignition control module.

Where is the ignition control module on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

The ignition module is located under the coil pack. Follow the spark plug wires to find the coil.

Will a bad ignition coil cause a car to sputter?

Ignition misfires and "sputtering" can be caused by any number of system failures such as air/fuel, ignition and even emissions/exhaust. A failing ignition coil, control module, plug wire and plug are often components that should be examined when diagnosing such misfires.

What can bad spark plug wires damage?

Catalytic converter due to unburned fuel being burnt in the converter. It can also cause damage to the ignition module.

Does the ignition module cause misfire when hot on a ford f150?

did you changed your thermostat? You MUST keep around 195 degree thermostat in the vehicle at ALL TIMES due to the computer system. The ignition module usually gets hot due to corroded electrical connections at the ignition module and or the module is HEAT SENSITIVE and needs to be replaced. (plug wires) Ignition misfire can produce a variety of driveability symptoms including hard starting, rough idle, hesitation....

Can a diagram of where ignition module is located on a 1998 Oldsmobile intrigue?

under the ignition coils. it is flat comes off after you remove the three numbered igniton coils. they plug into the module underneath them.

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