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No. The engine starts the car.

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Q: Can a bad transmission keep the car from starting?
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Can a bad cell keep your car from starting?


Will a bad fuel sending unit keep car from starting?

No. But you may be out of gas and not know it.

How to sell a car with a bad transmission?

nice car

Can you trade in a car that has a bad transmission?


Can spark plugs keep your car from starting?

Unless your car is a diesel, they can certainly keep your car from starting if they're missing. They can also become fouled or badly worn, which, again, could keep your car from starting.

Will a bad voltage regulator keep a 1995 sebring from starting up with a new car battery?

No, not if the battery is fully charged.

Car will move in reverse but not drive?

bad transmission

How do you know if your motor or transmission mounts are bad?

It is important to know the symptoms of a bad car part. The symptoms of a bad motor or transmission mounts are loss the car part, shaking and lots of noise.

Will your prestige car alarm keep your car from starting?

It really depends on how the alarm is wired into the car. If it is wired into the ignition system the yes it will keep the car from starting if triggered.

Would the automatic transmission not working stop the car from starting?


What will keep a 2001 Monte Carlo from starting sometimes it will start in neutral but otherwise you have to jump it off the starter?

If the car will start in neutral but not in park then you may have a bad transmission safety switch. That switch confirms that the car is in neutral or park before it allows the 'start' signal from the key switch to reach the solenoid.

How do you detect a bad transmission?

You can detect a bad transmission using a diagnostic computer provided by the car's manufacturer or the car dealer. You can also detect this problem when the car fails to shift correctly or does not shift into a gear at all.