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No, they are completely different accounts.

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It usually depends on a Mortgage Bank and also on the individuals previous credit ratings.

When trying to get a mortgage from Georgia Bank and Trust, it is a common practice for the bank to run your credit through one of three credit reporting agencies. The website for the bank does not list what credit reporting agency they use.

You can go to your local bank or the bank which you bank with and ask a mortgage loan officer, or a loan officer to run your credit to see what it is.

Mortgage refinance companies include Freddie Mac, Pacific Credit Union, Federal Credit Union, Affinity Credit Union, Amegy Bank and Hartwick State Bank.

Bank Of America does not allow payments towards mortgage balance to be applied from a credit card, only a checking account. Cash advance from a credit card can be obtained and then transferred to a checking account which is being used for the mortgage payment.

Mortgage lenders are almost always banks of some sort and most banks do not give mortgage lends to people who have bad credit. However, there is one American bank called Always Trust National Bank that will give mortgage lends to people who have bad credit.

Chase will qualify you for a mortgage even if you have bad credit. You can even have filed for bankruptcy

Depending on your credit score, Bank of America mortgage rates can be as low as .5% or as high as 20% APR.

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Some trustworthy bad credit mortgage companies are First America and US Bank. They will provide you with reasonable rates on your mortgage when you decide to buy.

The bank expects the estate to keep the mortgage current. They may allow the mortgage to be assumed if the credit rating of the individuals is acceptable.

Someone can get mortgage refinancing quotes from the bank manager at the branch of the bank they deal with, at a Credit Union, or a place that specializes in mortgages.

Advice for obtaining a mortgage loan when one has bad credit can be obtained from bank or mortgage companies such as Wells Fargo or Bank of America Home Loans. Information can also be found on the websites Mortgage Digger and Quicken Loans.

There is probably no credit union or bank that will approve you when your score is that low. What on earth did you do to have such a horrible credit score? You should be ashamed of yourself.

A mortgage is a loan taken out to purchase a house. One can apply for a mortgage by approaching a lender, such as a bank. The bank will need one's information, such as one's credit history and employment records.

Someone can apply for a second bad credit mortgage in the United Kingdom online. A person what has bad credit, they can still apply for a mortgage in the UK by filling out the application they can print online or get from a bank.

Yes, there are mortgages available for people with low credit. First, contact a reliable local bank and see what their options are. Be wary of so-called "mortgage shacks" that offer up shady mortgage advice.

One can get a mortgage loan for people with bad credit in two different places. The first place that one can get a mortgage loan for people with bad credit is a bank, like Wells Fargo. Another place that one can get a mortgage loan is a credit card company, like American Express.

The average bank mortgage interest rate is around 3.05 percent. Keep in mind that this may vary based on other factors such as your credit score and the amount of the mortgage.

If the bank is foreclosing on your spouse's house and you are not on the deed or mortgage then you are not responsible for the debt. The foreclosure should not affect your credit record.

There are several places that one can find a mortgage. The three main places include a bank such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Credit Union, or Broker.

The absolute lowest credit rating required to get a mortage at any bank is 580. Bank of America's credit requirements are probably higher than that, being closer to 680.

If you are unsure of what you are currently paying on your mortgage, you should contact the bank, credit union, or broker who is in charge of your policy.

Mostleaders/banks have the same products, your ability to get a mortgage loan will be hinged on your credit score and your ability to purchase a house.

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