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Can a bank freeze account with out a debt?


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Yes, a bank can freeze an account for a variety of reasons. They often do this when they feel their may be a security risk.

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Yes, a collection judgment can freeze a bank account. A court order is required. If a bank account is frozen, it cannot be used until the debt is paid.

The banks send your information to the major credit reporting agencies. In order to freeze your bank account the creditor must obtain a court order to collect on a debt from you. With that court order they can get your account information from the bank to process the freeze/collection.

They can't freeze the account initially. First, they must try to collect the debt from you. Then, they can sue you if you do not pay. If they win a judgment against you, they can freeze the bank account. Sometimes collection agencies sue people for debt that is not their or that is past the statute of limitations. Learn your rights by reading up on the FDCPA.

Sure - the operative word here is "debt collector" ... they can and will do anything within the law to make certain they are paid.

In the state of North Carolina, it is very hard to seize a bank account. When an account is joint, it can not be seized unless the debt is the debt of both parties.

A bank account can only be seized by the excution of a judgment writ by the court. The funds can usually be held for a maximum of thirty days, for a ruling to be made on the amount that can be taken. If the debt is paid in full, the account should be reactivated within a reasonable time, generally 2 business days. Unless the account could be used as an offset for monies owed the bank where the account is held. The bank can then claim the entire amount in the account and future deposits to pay the debt.

No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.

No, a bank will not freeze your account without a court order from a judge. They won't freeze an account over an individual statement.

A bank can freeze your account as long as it has a legal right to do so. This can be temporary or permanent depending on the situation.

In order to restrain a person from accessing the bank account the police can freeze the bank account. Without notice to the restrained party, an application to the Court ex parte is made, which when accepted will be used to freeze the account on intimating the bank.

In Colorado it is possible for a debt collector to levy a bank account. It is necessary for the approval from a court in order for a debt collector to place a levy on the bank account.

Agency cant freeze your bank account at all, They can go to court asking to freeze your account, then a court order only can freeze you account, an account cant be freezed by any third party order.

It is possible for Revenue Canada to freeze a person's bank account. This includes both single and joint bank accounts.

Bank can not freeze account without prior intimation to the account holder. But they have legal right to freeze the account under certain circumtances such as directive from Govt. dept. or court order etc.

Debt collectors cannot "freeze" a person's bank account, that can only be done by order of the court. Generally a court will hold the account no longer than 30 days when making a decision as to what if any of the funds contained are subject to a judgment creditor levy.

Not unless the take you to court, and you lose. If you were sued, and you didn't show up, you lost. Once a judge finds in the collectors favor, they can move to have your wages garnished, including funds in your bank account.

no but a bank can freeze ur sperm without telling u

NEVER give your bank account information nor your employment information to debt collectors..

Before an individual's bank account can be levied he or she must be sued by the creditor. If the creditor wins the suit (they almost always will) a judgment will be awarded and the judgment can then be used as a bank account levy. Bank accounts are 'frozen' by the court when the account is jointly held and only one account holder is named as the judgment debtor. This action allows the non debtor to provide proof as to the amount of funds belonging to them.

Yes, that is the way a garnishment works. When the credit card company sues you for non-payment of debt, they win a judgment. The judgment can be a garnish on your paycheck or your bank account. It makes no difference who you have a bank account with if they were awarded the garnishment by court.

If your bank account has been seized because of a debt you owe, you should call and work out a payment arrangement with the creditor. You should also start a new bank account.

The bank can freeze any account that is held by a customer with the bank. But, this does not happen at the banks wish. Usually a legal order by law enforcement agencies (police or cops) is required to do so. Usually cops and federal authorities freeze bank accounts of terrorists and known malicious elements of the society. You cannot ask the bank to freeze your account. But, you can ask them to close it if you want.

No. A collection agency can not freeze your bank account. Only a judge could do that.

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