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Usually they don't cause any harm to your house, but it's dangerous. If the hive is near a doorway or a window they can get into the house, or perhaps a guest coming over could accidently nudge it. If you have pets they may try to bite it. I've had bee hives in the oddest places on the outside of my home.

The best time to get rid of these pesky little bees is dusk (they go into a dormant state.) If you go to your local hardware store there is a foam poison that you can use. The bottle has a long thin tube on it that is inserted inside the hive and will evaporate it, killing the bees along with it. BEWARE: Wear protective clothing and you will need 2 people for this job and 2 of those bottles of foam. One tube should go inside the top and one at the bottom (bees always have an escape route.) This has to be done at the same time and on the count of 3!

If this sounds like it's too much for you get a professional in.

If the hive is way up on the house, not close to your windows or air vents into the attic, then I would just leave them alone. Bees are wonderful for the garden as I am sure you know.

In the Fall there is another problem. Bees are very dormant then and can often be seen walking through grass. It is much easier to get stung in the Fall then in the summer.

Good luck Marcy

make sure they are not carpenter bees

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Q: Can a bee hive in the outside wall of a house be left alone with no damage to house?
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Probably not. Bees can do extensive damage to a home.

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A bee hive in a house is not a good or bad omen. Bees in a home can be a good omen, in some cases. If there is a bee hive in a house, it should be removed.

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