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No, not at all possible. But constant speed with changing velocity is possible.

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Does a body moving with constant speed have constant velocity?

No. A body can have constant speed but changing direction thus changing velocity. For example, an orbiting body may have a constant speed s=wr, but its direction is constantly changing as it follows the curve of its orbit.

Can a body have constant velocity when it has constant speed?

Of course. In fact, in order to have constant velocity, it must have constant speed.What you really want to know: Can a body have changing velocity when it has constant speed ?The answer to that one is also "yes", for example when it is moving in a circle, the speed is constant but the velocity is changing all the time (in direction).

Can speed of a body change if its velocity is constant?

No. A body with constant velocity is either stationary or going at constant speed in a constant direction. The usual interpretation of speed and velocity goes like this. A velocity is a vector with magnitude and direction. The magnitude is usually called its speed. Changing a speed must change the length of the vector and changing the length of the velocity vector has to change the velocity.

It is possible for a body to have acceleration when moving with costant velocity and constant speed?

constant velocity means no acceleration. An object can be moving at constant speed, like a satellite in orbit, but its velocity is changing because direction is changing

Can a body have a constant speed and a changing velocity?

"Velocity" means the speed of the object and the direction in which it's moving.If the direction changes, then the velocity has changed, even though the speedmay be constant.

Can a body have constant velocity and changing speed?

No, in order for the velocity to be constant, the speed has to be constant. Speed is a scalar, meaning that it is just a number. (A car goes 50 miles per hour). Velocity is a vector, which indicates that it needs a measure of its displacement and a direction. (A car is going 50 mph to the east). A body can have a constant speed but a changing velocity because the direction can change while the speed is constant. (A car goes 50 mph around a roundabout). However, a body can not have a constant velocity with a changing speed. A car can not be slowing down yet still be going the same speed and direction.

Is it possible for a body to move in a circle with constant speed constant linear velocity?

No. The linear velocity can never be equal when speed is constant. This is because direction is changing and therefore linear velocity changes.

Can the speed of a body vary if its velocity is constant?

No. "Velocity" means the speed and direction of motion. If either of them is changing, then velocity isn't constant. (By the way, that's what "acceleration" means: Any change in velocity.)

Can an objeact have constant speed and but variable velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity while velocity is a vector quantity.It is possible that an object can have constant speed but if speed is constant while direction of motion is changing constantly then it means that body has variable velocity.An example of this phenomena is a body moving in a circle whose speed is constant but velocity is changing every instant due to change in direction at every instant.

Can the speed of a body be constant still varying its velocity?

Yes. Velocity is rate (or speed) in a given direction. If you change your direction but not your rate (or speed) then you have changed your velocity without changing speed.

Can a body have a constant velocity but varying speed?

No. If the speed varies, the body accelerates, and velocity cannot be constant.

When a body has velocity no constant has acceleration or no?

Yes. If a body has a constant velocity there is no acceleration, but if the velocity is changing there is acceleration present.

Can a body moving at a constant speed have acceleration?

Yes. Acceleration is any change in velocity. Velocity is a vector quantity because it includes both speed and direction. Speed is a scalar quantity and does not include direction. Therefore, if your motion is changing direction, then you have a changing velocity regardless of your speed. And a changing velocity means you have acceleration.

Can a body have constant speed and still have a varying velocity?

Yes, if you are going in a circle or otherwise changing direction.

Can a body have a constant velocity but a varying speed?

No. Velocity is speed and direction. If you change either variable, the velocity will no longer be constant.

Can a body have a varying speed if its velocity constantif yes?

No, because constant velocity means constant speed and constant direction

Can the velocity of a car which is turning a curve be held constant?

The speed can be constant but the velocity can't, because the directionof motion ... which is a component of velocity ... is changing. Also the velocity of a moving body changes when its speed changes but remains moving towards the same direction ... :) :]

How can an object have acceleration and constant speed?

Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity over a given time period. Velocity is a vector quantity: it includes speed and direction. That being said, you can accelerate an object without changing its speed by simply changing its direction. A body moving along the circumference of a circle its speed may remain a constant, but its velocity will not be a constant since its direction of motion continuously changes, since the velocity changes it has an acceleration.

Is it possible that the velocity of a body changes and its acceleration remains constant?

The definition of acceleration is: Any change of velocity, that is, speed or direction of motion. If an object is undergoing constant acceleration, then the definition says that its velocity must be changing.

What is the condition in which a body moving with uniform speed has a variable velocity?

Speed is considered a scalar while velocity is refered to as a vector. A vector can be varied with respect to its direction. Therefore, constant speed while changing direction varies the velocity

Is it possible for a body to have constant speed but variable velocity?

Yes. Velocity includes the direction of the motion. If the direction changes, then that meansthe velocity changes, even if the speed is constant.Anything rotating at constant speed in a closed path has constantly-changing velocity.Like a point on a phonograph record, a point on a hard disk drive, or an orbiting TV satellite.

What is an example of an object that is accelerating but is traveling at a constant speed?

Acceleration is a change in velocity over time. Velocity has both speed and direction. A body moving in circular motion at constant speed is still accelerating because its direction is constantly changing. If either speed or direction changes, or if both change, the body is accelerating.

How is it possible for the velocity of an object to change and yet the speed remains constant?

During uniform circular motion, the velocity of any object is continuously increasing even though its speed its continuous. The velocity of an object is dependent on both its speed and direction. The direction of the body is constantly changing but its magnitude ( or speed) is not at all changing.

What will be acceleration of a car moving in a circular motion with constant speed.?

If body is moving in a circle with uniform or constant speed its acceleration will be uniform as velocity i.e. to say direction is changing at every point.

Is it possible for a body to have acceleration when moving with constant velocity explain?

the question is very simple.no a body does not have acceleration when it is moving with constant velocity ,because a body posses acceleration when its velocity is not remain conserved or constant.yes if a body have constant speed it may have acceleration but not in case of constant velocity.

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