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If you're asking whether it is physically possible, yes. If you're asking if this is an acceptable installation, again the answer is yes. A breaker box can be installed either end up, and it doesn't make much difference. Either way the small 'branch circuit' breakers are fed from the main breaker. The only difference it might make, is that some residential panels come with knockouts in the top and bottom. Some panels have top knockouts only. If you're running your homeruns through an attic, you'd probably want to install the panel with the knockouts up, for ease of installation.

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Q: Can a breaker box be installed upside down?
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Is a ground fault indicator outlet installed at the breaker box?

There are tow places to put a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. There is a GFCI breaker which would be installed in a breaker box and a GFCI outlet that can be installed anywhere. Most GFCI outlets allow you to connect regular outlets to the GFCI and those outlets will also be protected.

Is the 30 amp breaker for a motorhome the same as for a house?

Yes, a 30 amp breaker is a 30 amp breaker. It must however be able to fit the box it is installed in.

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How do you tell the difference between 100 amp and a 200 amp box?

If this is a new box there should be a rating label on the box. If it is an old installed box and you can see ratings, look at rating of mail cutoff breaker.

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SMy Breaker box is tripping one of my 20A's How many times can I just reset it before I have to shut it down?

If you have contineous tripping on a breaker then there is a fault on the load of that breaker. Don't reset it any more. What is the breaker connected to?

Where is the headlight circuit breaker?

In the breaker box

Will changing circuit breakers in box for electric heat reduce heating bills?

No, all it will do is make the circuit unsafe if a larger breaker is installed or make the circuit trip unnecessarily if a smaller breaker is installed. You pay for the wattage that you use. Less wattage used, less cost on your utility bill.

Installed one outlet in basement on a breaker and you get shocked when you touch the metal of things plugged into it or the metal outlet box itself Why?

maybe you have the hot and the neutral switched...

Can a 220 Volt well motor be added to a 200 amp box or does it need its own box?

The well pump breaker is installed in two slots in your breaker box. You then run the correct size cable for the amperage of the pump to the area where the pressure tank is located. install a breaker or disconnect on the wall near the pressure tank and then connect the low pressure switch to the disconnect. Connect the pump to the low pressure switch.