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How do you describe your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths can also be said to be advantages whiles weaknesses are disadvantages. They can also be noted as positives and negatives.

What are the advantages of skills audit?

allows an individual to identify their strength and weaknesses

What are the advantages and disadvantages of preparing final account?

+Shows strengths and weaknesses of the business +Able to work on weaknesses -Takes time to create and analyse them

Strengths and weaknesses of Directories?

There are many strengths and weaknesses of directories. The pros include being a great resource for information and the weaknesses are in terms of consistency and compatibility with other systems.

Strengths and weaknesses of CAT scans?

a cats weakness is ventroflexion of the neck is a common presentation in cats with neuromuscular causes of acute weakness.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the south during the civil war?

The advantages of the South was they used strategies that the North didn't use and they knew the weaknesses of the North.

What are the weaknesses of an information system?

Any information system is only as good as if it is kept up to date.

How paper presentation in IEEE format on ethical hacking?

You will need to explain some of the points of ethical hacking. These can sometimes help a business to learn where weaknesses are.

What form of alternative dispute resolution allows both parties to see the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the case through the presentation of evidence?


What are Oprah Winfrey's weaknesses?

Her biography doesn't tell us that information.

What is the purpose of business information?

to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

What information can a reader learn from characterization?

The strengths,weaknesses,and motivations of the characters

Advantages of human resources accounting?

There are so many advantages of human resources accounting. The main advantages include evaluation of effectiveness, gives a true state of the company and sheds light on strengths and weaknesses among others.

How do you moderate a seminar?

the moderator should find out who is thinking of starting, who has just started, who has weaknesses and who is happy and successful and then, provide parts of the "presentation" to serve each of those categories of entrepreneurs.

How do you answer sources questions in history?

How useful is it? Strengths and weaknesses of the provinence (Purpose, origins, type of source, author, date) Strengths and weaknesses of knowledge (Useful information in context, lacks?)

What are the drawbacks or weaknesses of Right to Information Act?

A drawback to the Right to Information Act is that sometimes the information will not answer any questions a citizen may have. It may also take a long time to receive the information.

Name three major weaknesses that led to the Great Depression?

Political Weaknesses Economic Weaknesses Social Weaknesses

What weaknesses do mermaids have?

lots of weaknesses

What is the beam bridges weaknesses?

no weaknesses

What are own weaknesses?

Your personal weaknesses.

What are you weaknesses?

my weaknesses is shopping online

What were Walt Disney's weaknesses?

his weaknesses was studing.

What were Circe's weaknesses?

Her weaknesses are falling for sailors.

What are peoples weaknesses?

Well people have different weaknesses so if you get to know them then you might know what there weaknesses are

What are the weakness of a funeral parlor?

Funeral parlors do not have inherent weaknesses.Funeral parlors do not have inherent weaknesses.Funeral parlors do not have inherent weaknesses.Funeral parlors do not have inherent weaknesses.

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