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It can be deposited anywhere.

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Q: Can a check made out to a husband and wife be deposited only to the husband's bank account?
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Can you write a check on your husbands checking account Just married and husband deposited all money in his account?

ofcourse no .... never a woman married can get of check the account of her husband and vice versa except if there is a Bank power of attorney thanks

Can a check be deposited into a minor account?

Yes, a check can be deposited into a minor's account. The adult listed on the account may have to be the one to deposit the checks.

Can a husband deposit wife's paycheck on his checking account even if wife is not in the account?

The check would first have to be endorsed, that is, signed, by the wife before being deposited. The endorsement is proof that the wife has agreed to this by signing the check over to her husband. An unendorsed check will not be accepted.

An account owner must do this in order to approve a check to be deposited into their account?

If you have a bank account and are trying to deposit a check, you will have to sign the back of that check. If the back is not signed, it cannot be deposited or cashed.

Can a check be deposited in a dormant account?


What does returned deposited item mean?

A bounced check. Probably a check that you deposited into your account was no good so the bank returned it and deducted the money from your account.

How do you write a check for deposit to another account?

A person can write a check to another person and have it deposited into another account. The check should have the persons name on it and then have it deposited by visiting their bank.

How can you make sure your check was deposited into your account?


Can husband file case against wife for emptying his bank accounts?

It depends. Yes - If it was a single holder account held by the husband and the wife used illegal means (like signing a check on her husbands behalf) to take money from it. No - If it was a joint account or if the wife used her husbands ATM Card.

What must an account owner do in order to approve a check to be deposited into their account?


Can a wife deposit check into her husbands account?


Can a check for 500 made out to the estate of your deceased husband be deposited into an account with both of your names when there is no estate?

That will usually work. See related question link.

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