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Yes, a decree if emancipation will be recognized in the state where the person chooses to relocate.

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Q: Can a child who got emancipated in Pennsylvania move to another state?
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If your state doesn't allow you to be emancipated can you be emancipated in another state?


What age is a child considered to be unemancipated in Pennsylvania?

There is no specific age for a child to become unemancipated. There are a variety of reasons why a child may want to become emancipated. In the state of Pennsylvania, there is no minimum age for emancipation however, there must be a reason for the child to request this status.

Are you emancipated if you have a child in florida?

No you don't automatically get emancipated because you are pregnant or have a child in any state.

Is a minor emancipated if he or she has a child in the state of kentucky?

No, he or she is not.

When is a child emancipated in relation to child support?

Each state is different.

If a minor child no longer lives at home is the parent still responsible for the child legally?

Yes, unless the child has been emancipated, or is in the care of the state or another guardian.

If a minor has a child are they considered emancipated in the state of Florida?

No. Having a child does not emancipate a minor in any state.

What is the age to be emancipated in penn?

A minor can be emancipated at the age of 16 and above in the state of Pennsylvania. The minor will have to retain an attorney and file a motion with the courts.

At what age can a child be emancjpated from one parent?

The age varies from state to state. In the state of Missouri a child can be emancipated at the age of 16.

How old does a child have to be before they can be emancipated?

Depends on your state's laws.

If you are 18 and have a child an still in school. Are you emancipated?

depends on the state.

Is a teen mother automatically emancipated in the state of Florida?

No, they are not emancipated. Having a child does not change the age of adulthood.

If emancipated can you get married in the state of missouri?

If you are emancipated, and at least 16, yes you can get married. Marriage is another way of getting emancipated.

What does a parent have to sign to state that a child can be on its own?

To have a child become emancipated requires a lawyer and court hearing.

How old do you have to be babysit the state of Pennsylvania?

How old do you have to be to babysit a 4year old child legally in the state of pennsylvania.

Are 13 year olds conciderd adults in Alabama if they have a baby?

There is no state where a minor becomes emancipated by having a child. The age of emancipation remains 18. The minor mother is only medically emancipated and emancipated regarding making decisions for her child.

How does a minor child get emancipated in the state of Maine?

A minor can get emancipated at the age of 16 in the state of Maine. The minor will have to get an attorney to represent them in court and to file paperwork for the judge to hear the case.

How do you get emancipated in the state of MO?

How do you get emancipated in the state of Missouri?

Is a 16 year old mother considered emancipated in pennsylvania?

No. Parenthood does not emancipate a minor in any state of the USA.

Can a parent get a restraining order against their child?

NOAnother View: If the child is legally emancipated or of legal adult age in their state, yes they can.

Do you pay child support if child is 17 and pregnant in Georgia?

Yes, you pay until your child is emancipated. Pregnancy does not emancipate in any state.

If you are currently receiving child support and are 18 would you be considered emancipated if you were to get engaged?

At 18 you became legally emancipated according to the state. * Some states allow child support to continue beyond the age of 18 if the child is in school. I

What if you have a child also can you still be emancipated from your parents?

This depends on the state laws in which you live. In Alabama once you have a child you are considered an adult. This does not matter if you are twelve or seventeen, if you have one kid you are automatically emancipated in the laws eyes. A good idea would be to see what your state laws are on child birth and/or emancipation.

Can a parent have a child emancipated?

yes a prent can have their child emancipated at the age of 16 usually but every state has there own laws check with a legal aid attorneyAnsweryes a prent can have their child emancipated at the age of 16 usually but every state has there own laws check with a legal aid attorney

Can a emancipated 17 year old female marry a 20 year old in the state of Louisiana?

Yes, if the 17 year old is emancipated then they are considered an adult. They can make their own decisions and get married if they want. Parents can not stop an emancipated child from doing anything, the court considered an emancipated child to be 18 years old.