Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can a child with a mental illness be emancipated?


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Depends on the age, and where they live, and the grounds of the emancipation they ar declaring, and if they earn enough money to survive on their on, if there parents and law agree. and if they are well enough to look after themselves.

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By 18 they are emancipated so unless there are reasons like mental illness where they can not care for themselves or something where you have to go to court to get guardianship, you can not get custody.

Yes. The custody of a child is determined by the best interest of the child. If the court determines that the father is better for the child, he can get custody. Mental illness in his family would probably not even be relevant unless he has mental illness, or if a mentally ill relative lived with him.

ADHD is classified as a mental illness; it is not a physical illness.

More accurately it is a sign or symptom of mental illness than a mental illness itself

Sinusitis is not caused by mental illness. Mental illness can be caused by sinusitis infection.

Mental illness predates recorded history.

not guilty by reason of mental illness

Yes, sugar causes mental illness.

Bipolar is a physically inherited condition where the brain stops being able to absorb the necessary nutrition we need. If anyone is claiming it could be a mental one; run from them! It is permanent. Bipolar really means the person's brain cannot absorb much nutrition. There is a super strong Vitamin combo that put the Bipolar person to normal. As long as they use it.There are psychological conditions with the same symptoms, yet they can be cured with talking to one trained to in psychology. Borderline Personality Disorder is one of them.

Anorexia is a mental illness with physical manifestations.

"Anorexia nervosa" is an eating disorder which is a mental illness,yes.

addictive behavior likely would be classified as mental illness addiction can also be a physical illness

It depends on the illness. Some diseases can cause brain damage, which can result in mental illness. Others can cause physical and/or emotional trauma for the person who is ill, and the experience can result in mental illness.

Anybody can suffer from a mental illness. http://hubpages.com/hub/What-is-Munchausen-Syndrome

mental illness has no correlation to sexual orientation. The gay community is affected by mental illness in the same way that the straight community is.

It is impossible to know if a mental illness will be passed down from parents to their children. Research has been conducted which suggests that there are biological links to mental illness, but the research also suggests that the environment plays a big role in the development of the illness, whether or not they have a biological disposition.

You can't see mental illness, but you can see physical illness. An illness of the mind affects how you think or behave, not what you look like.

Illness means a condition where the body is not well. Mental illness is a condition where the mind is not well. Generally, mental illness refers to some sort of condition that is long-term, or chronic. For example, grief is not a mental illness, even though it does make you miserable. Depression would be a mental illness because it is a long-term feeling of being miserable.

No. There are many, many different manifestations of mental illness which are not always as clearly defined as physical illness.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry and is certified in treating mental illness.

you can't get a mental illness you are born with it i am only 11 and i know this how stupid are you people

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia was created in 1995.

If you're in the US... A child saying he is emancipated means nothing (I can say I'm God, but that doesn't mean I am :). If the child actually is legally emancipated, then child support ceases.

No you don't automatically get emancipated because you are pregnant or have a child in any state.

Yes it is a mental illness of the brain.

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