Can a chinchilla eat tomato

Updated: 10/9/2023
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They can but it is not advised

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Q: Can a chinchilla eat tomato
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Can a chinchilla eat fleece?

no a chinchilla should not be allowed to eat fleece. many things can cause impactation and kill a chinchilla

What does the short-tailed chinchilla eat?


How to eat tomato’s?

Eat them

What do chinchilla do daliy?

eat, sleep, eat, sleep, look cute, run, jump, sleep, nibble, nibble, sleep, eat, pee, poop that's basically what a chinchilla does :D

Does squirrel eat tomato?

it depends of the tomato

Can a chinchilla eat zuccini?

No way It'll kill them

Can your chinchilla eat table scraps or carrots?


Can rabbits eat chinchilla apple sticks?


Can a turtle eat a round tomato?

Try it. Get a turtle and a round small tomato and see if the turtle can eat the round tomato.

Should you eat a tomato after a chipmunk ate a piece?

Find another tomato to eat.

Can a chinchilla eat a cat?

Yes - don't let them be alone. Or, you could keep the chinchilla in a box all the time.

What type of fruits do Chinchillas eat?

chinchilla should not be given fruit. fruit is gassy and gassy foods can cause a chinchilla to bloat and bloat can kill a chinchilla if not caught in time and treated.