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I need more information. The police need probable cause to stop you in the first place. A broken taillight is a perfect example of probable cause. When I make a DUI stop, I don't write any of the tickets until I get back to the station. My main concern at the time fo the stop is safety and the field sobriety tests. * Yes. A law officer cannot "force" the person to submit to a urine or breath analysis sobriety test. The accused has the legal right to refuse and to request to speak to legal counsel, although he or she would not at that time be eligible for a public defender.

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Q: Can a citation for a brake light failure be written after the arresting officer has stopped you under suspicion of a DUI and forced you to submit to a urine test?
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Is it ok for the district attorney to be in on a drug raid the arresting officer and the prosecutor also?

Yes. The prosecutor's job would be to help the police secure a search warrant for a drug raid if there was suspicion of drug activity. A police officer involved in the raid could serve as an arresting officer if drugs were found. The DA would be in the same situation as the prosecutor.

What is arresting agency?

That phrase refers to the agency for which the arresting officer works.

Do police have to read you your rights when arresting you?

Yes, it is mandatory for an arresting officer to read you the Miranda Rights.

What if a speeding citation is not signed by the officer or the person receiving the citation?

Neither may be required. If the officer's signature is required then the citation may be dismissed. You should contact the court listed on the citation for information .

Do an arresting officer request a blood breath and DNA test if you are arrested for a DUI?

The Supreme Court recently ruled against officers being able to take blood under suspicion of a DUI, even for repeat offenders.

How do you write a sentence using the word citation?

the police officer gave a citation

What if the cop that gave you your citation never signed it or placed his id number on it?

GENERALLY speaking, the officer certifies the citation with his signature. If there is a specific place for the officer's signature and he did not sign the citation, you may want to ask the court to dismiss the citation. The officer may be allowed to re-issue the citation, but it is fairly likely that specific ticket is not valid.

Does the arresting officer have to be in uniform?

No, any citizen can make an arrest, not just a uniformed police officer.

Can a police officer arrest you on a citizens arresT when they have no evidence?

No, they cannot. In order for a citizen to enact a citizens arrest, most have to have witnessed you committing a felony crime. Then the citizen is the one who fills out all the paperwork and essentially is your arresting officer. In order for a Police Officer to arrest you, they must have reasonable suspicion that you've committed a crime.

Can a police officer issue a traffic citation next to establishments that serve alcohol such as bars?

Yes. a officer can issue a citation in any location.

When can an officer perform a stop and frisk?

The officer may perform a "Stop" when the officer has reasonable suspicion that the suspect may have committed a crime. The officer may perform a "Frisk" when there is a lawful "Stop", along with reasonable suspicion that the suspect is armed.

What if the arresting officer hit the window of your car?

then the police officer would get fined for destroying a member of the publics property.

When an arresting officer reads an accused person their rights it is an example of what?

Miranda Rights.

Can you sue a police officer for arresting you and keeping you in prison for 10 days for a crime you did not commit?

Yes, although you would need to show that the officer acted unreasonably in arresting you. If the officer had probable cause to believe you committed a crime, the arrest is lawful and proper, even if the officer's perception or decision was shown to be in error. So long as the officer acted reasonably, he is immune from civil liability.

Is a DWAI a misdemeanor?

If by this you mean Driving Without Automobile Insurance, and you received a citation from a Police Officer, then yes, it is. Any time you receive a written citation from a police officer, it is considered a "Misdemeanor"

In the UK what are the Miranda rights?

We don't call them 'Miranda Rights' in the UK, there's just a standard statement that a police officer will give to a suspect when they are arrested. I can't remember it word for word, but it is very similar to: "I am arresting you on suspicion of...."(whatever the suspicion may be). "You don't have to say anything, but anything that you DO say may be taken down and used in evidence against you in a court of law".

Can the officer issuing a citation take you to jail if you can not make immediate payment of that citation even before you get the opportunity to enter a plea?


If an officer does not put a charge on the citation can it be dismissed in court?

it can be discharged

Can a defendant change a citation notice once they have signed it?

The defendant cannot change the citation notice before or after they sign it. The issuing authority (usually officer) completes the citation notice.

Does a Police Officer have to tell you why he pulled you over?

If the stop results in a criminal charge or citation, yes, the officer must inform you of what you're being cited for. If the stop does not result in a citation or punishment, the officer does not have to inform you.

What happens if you go to court for traffic tickect and your issuing officer is not there?

If the officer does not appear when required, the citation is usually dismissed. But the officer is not always required.

Which test may an arresting officer submit if driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?


What force can a police officer use when arresting you?

Any force necessary to subdue you and take you into custody.

What city was Timothy McVeigh held in after he bombed Oklahoma City?

He was taken by the arresting officer to Perry.

Can a correction officer arrest someone?

The answer is yes, by law, he or she is a Police Officer. Though they work in Prisons, so the odds of them arresting someone, are very slim.