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Yes. It is a common misconception that a creditor or collector cannot pursue legal action if any payment from the debtor is accepted. Once a contract is in default the lender or collector can take whatever steps allowed under the laws of the debtor's state to recover monies owed.

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Can you make payments as deposit to cal state tax?

Can and must

Do i lose my deposit in an apartment in Florida after signed the contract if i decided not to move in?

In most cases, yes. That is the purpose of a deposit- to pay for holding a property for you. There are a few circumstances where your deposit would be returned, but usually not. A DAMAGE deposit should be returned. If you have a written lease, read the lease to see what it says.

Are pet deposit's returned?

Most states which have laws governing (and limiting) deposits consider a pet deposit to be a security deposit, intended to be used for repairing physical damage. Some states forbid any security deposit greater than one month's rent, including a 'pet deposit'. So, yes, if there is no physical damage, the deposit should be returned.

What is returned deposit item?

This means the bank has bounced a check that was deposited.

What does debit DDA mean?

DDA stands for Demand Deposit Account. It is your deposit account. A term used widely in payments industry

WHAT IS SSA 310 deposit?

does that mean social security people are getting 310

Can you put a lien on property for collecting security deposit?

Isn't the security deposit part of the conditions of renting? If you are wanting to have the deposit returned, small claims court is the way to go.

Is CD investment risky?

No. CD stands for Certificate of Deposit which is a certificate issued by a bank after they accept the deposit from you. No matter what happens, this money will be returned to you on the date of maturity/completion of this deposit.

Brittany wants to divide her telephone deposit into six monthly payments How much will she pay per month for her deposit if the total is 82.32?


What are the methods of payments to employees?

Common methods of payments to employees are direct deposit, paper checks, and PayPal deposits. When given a choice, most employees chose electronic methods of payment (direct deposit or PayPal) due to the convenience.

Eviction what happens to security deposit?

The security deposit should be applied to the arrearage (including any court costs), and any remainder returned to the tenant. Does the landord need to notify you how your deposit will be applied.

What is a half down non refundable deposit?

A half-down non-refundable deposit would be a 50% deposit on what you're making the deposit on (a $700 per month rent apartment might require a half-down deposit, i.e. $350), this deposit will not be returned at the end of the term / deal / transaction.

Do you put a Security Deposit on the Balance Sheet?

Yes. If it is a deposit paid to a vendor, then it will be classified as an asset. If it is a deposit received from a customer, then it is a liability. Depending on when it is expected to be returned, you will classify it as either current or non-current.

How does someone become an MP?

Get nominated by your party to stand in a particular constituency. Make a deposit. If you get enough votes the deposit is returned to you. Get the most votes and you become an MP.

How much of a deposit does Alamo rental car require when renting a car?

Alamo does not hold a deposit on car rentals when using a Credit Card. Cash payments require for a deposit of $500 plus all charges for the rental.

How long to get security deposit from landlord?

That depends on the laws of your state. Many states require that the security deposit be returned (or accounted for) within 30 days after the end of the tenancy.

Is it true when you make a deposit you subtract the amount you deposit in your check register?

False. You add deposits to what you already have. You subtract the amounts of checks, fees and automatic payments made out of the account.

What is the purpose of a direct deposit form?

The purpose of a direct deposit form it to allow payments to be made directly to one's bank account. This is a common method used in larger corporations for direct deposit of one's earnings into a personal bank account.

Is Utility deposit considered accounts payable?

No, generally a utility deposit is not a payable. On the rare chance that the company allows you to "make payments" on the deposit, until it is paid, the it would be a payable, however, that generally is not the case. A utility deposit is generally required as a "security" deposit to the company providing the service and as a rule must be paid in advance before said service can be activated. Most companies after a prescribed amount of time will and certain requirements are met (no late payments, no disconnection, etc) will refund the deposit to the person/company. If this is the case, then a utility deposit that may be refunded after a certain period of time is actually considered an asset.

When does the wedding photographer get paid?

The photographer gets paid in 3 payments - a deposit when we booked, a deposit 2 weeks before the date, and the final payment due 2 weeks after the wedding.

You are trying to get out of your lease Under the amendments to the lease section says This lease will not be in effect until all pymts are made you have not made all the payments Is your lease valid?

What payments are you referring to? It sounds as if the clause refers to the preliminary payments that are often secured PRIOR to allowing the tenant to move in and the lease actually going into effect (i.e.: security deposit - pet deposit - utility deposits - etc). If you've been living there and the payments you are referring to are your rental payments - too late - the lease is already in full effect.

What are deposits payments and withdrawals?

deposit is money you put in, a payment is a check or other deduction a withdrawal is money you take out

How much i should put down a deposit for a car to buy?

The more you put down the smaller the monthly payments will be.

What is a performance deposit on a car repossion?

A performance deposit is to ensure the contract if followed and will come off the cost of the car. Its usually the lesser of three months payments or on third of the remaining loan on the car.

Is it possible to get everything back in your CD?

It is possible to get everything back in your CD or certificate of deposit by waiting until it matures. Once this time has elapsed, the original deposit along with any interest will be returned.

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