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Can a college student get a car loan?

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Yes, provided they fill the criteria for the loan. Additional info:

Anyone over the age of 18, with a good credit history and a job can get a car loan, if the lender feels their income is sufficient to pay the monthly payments, as well as their other monthly expenses. Just being a college student in itself would not be a disqualifying factor in being approved for the loan.

In some cases though, the bank may require a co-signer on the loan, which means the co-signer will be responsible for the payments if the borrower defaults on the loan.

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It is student loan provided to a student in college. When you apply for finial aid you can also apply for a student loan then, your college will have lender set up.

A college loan consolidation is where college student, as well as their parents or guardian meet with a consultant to discuss possible terms to receiving a student loan.

a student loan is to help you with your college fees or to move and buy stuff for you new accomadation when you move to a new college you can get a loan over the period your in college and pay back at monthly instalments

An easy student loan is a loan for students going to college that offer a shortcut for payment but with high interest rates. Easy student loans are not trustworthy.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation Program means combine all loan into a single pay. :Loan consolidation is the best for the student who not able to pay your fees. If any student want to continue their study and they want to take admission in top college for higher education but good college take high fee. But some time all student unable to pay your college fee then they take student loan. But after completion of education they are facing problem with pay your student loan then they require loan forgiveness or consolidation. Federal student loan consolidation is the best option to pay your all loan into single pay

Student loan varies from lender to lender, but on an average it is around 1300 Euro. I took a student loan for my college studies from can calculate the loan amount and interest rates there.

Is this a question? Are you asking the average amount? Some but not all have student loan debt after graduation.

Getting a student loan helps people who can't afford to pay for college realize their dream. Unfortunately, student loans can be expensive on a smaller salary right out of college. and have been sited as being the best student loan calculators.

Auto finance companies are very leary to lend to people that owe the government, so the answer is most likely no. Yes of cours you can get car loan if a student loan is in default there are many online sources which provide car loans for students.

Well, there is no such thing as a "Student Car Loan", but there are student loans and there are car loans. Both are serious financial obligations that accrue interest, so you should start paying them as soon as possible.

A college student can get a college loan refinanced several different ways. They can talk to someone in their college's Registrar office to see what is available. A student may also check with their local bank to see if there are lower rates on loan transfers.

Go to administration of your University (or College) and ask them. There are ways and they are there to help. Good luck Marcy

You can get student loan/ scholarship through your college and also from banks as well. There are some organization working for student welfare provides student funds for their study to be continue.

Students don't have to provide any collateral to get a student loan. On some student loans, payment may be deferred until the student is out of college.

There are almost twenty million Americans that attend college. Sixty percent of this number borrow loans to finance their studies and therefore struggle with a college student loan debt.

any credit line that you have- credit card, car loan, mortgage and student loan

Nope ... the purpose of a student loan is for educational purposes and some living expenses. Besides which, student loans are usually at a high percentage rate - surely one could do much better than 8% or 13% on a car loan these days.

Wells Fargo and Citibank disburse loans straight to the student

Parent Loan: A parent is getting the loan Student loan: A student is getting the loan

You could use you loan for that but I think it would be an unwise thing to do.

A new graduate student can find loan assistance through recognized financial institutions or student loan programs at their college or university. Assistance can also be obtained via a quick search of the internet.

There are many places to research student loan settlement. You can look at various places on the web or at many banks. Looking for loan settlements can be difficult start by checking

A CIBC student loan can be given out from virtually any college or university in Canada. You would have to apply for it in order to get the loan for schooling.