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The computer is the hardware. Without the hardware there is no computer.

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Q: Can a computer run without hardware give the answer in short?
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Give the difference between software and hardware?

Hardware is the tangible parts of a computer & software is not tangible :)

Hardware refers to the programs that give commands to the computer?


What pieces of hardware give output from the computer?

The screen - or a printer.

What are implications of computer software on computer hardware?

makes the computer and the hardware within faster or slower, also if its a big software file it can give you less hard drive space.

What is a problem with computer hardware?

A common problem with computer hardware involves the drivers. Many people will install new hardware (video card, sound card, network card, card readers, web cams) without installing the proper drivers. A driver tells windows how to use the hardware, and where it located, when not installed windows will not be able to use the newly added hardware, and may give many alerts on starting windows.

What are programs that give instructions to a computer?

Among programs which do that are also the drivers that give instructions to computers on how to work with specific hardware.

How do you check a computer's history?

YOU check a computers history by going into my computer and access hardware info. This should give you info that is needed.

Could u give some Questions and answers on computer hardware?

Yea...its called the internet...stupid

Is the primary program that runs the computer and give the users control over hardware and software?

The "Operating Sysyem".

Does hardware refer to the programs that give commands to the computers?

Nope - that's software. Hardware relates to the physical pieces of a computer system - such as the screen, keyboard and printer.

Give some real time example for system?

A computer system is a combination of hardware and software. It is designed for computing.

What is the importance of the computer software to the computer hardware?

As we all are know taht software of two types SYSTEM SOFTWARE and APPLICATION SOFTWARE. Here the SYSTEM SOFTWARE(eg: Operating System) is a software used to the computer hardware. The components used in the computer hardware are all static things.It can't work by itself rather it should be work by the operator to process the data.But the user don't know the hardware language to give instuctions or commands to the system(hardware).So we need a interface(which is nothing but OS) to operate the system by the normal users. So, to give commands to do some task by using a computer we need a software.

Give commonly use tools and equipment in hardware servicing?

Optimistically fixing bits of the hardware that go wrong, in reality it means they hoover your computer fan and clean your keyboard.

Give some examples of occupational health and safety for computer hardware servicing?

hold a anti-static risk strap.

Give at least 10 examples of a computer hardware?

MouseKeyboardMonitorHard DriveGraphic CardVideo CardSpeakerMotherboardJoystickMicrophoneTouchpadWebcamOptical Disc DrivePower SupplyScannerPrinter

Can you give me a virus code that can destroy computer hardware?

Viruses by nature destroy software, not hardware. But, you could run a "virus" that was an infinite loop, that did not allow for its termination, and that could possible lead to heat issues for the hardware. Possible damaging it.

Differentiate hardware from software give an example?

Hardware- The monitor you are looking at, the box your computer is in, the parts inside that box, the wires that connect your computer to another computer and the network on which the internet is found is all contained inside hardware. Essentially the wires, plastic and metal. Software- Programs on your computer, Microsoft word, Windows 7, the web browser you are using to ask this question, the website on which you are looking at the answer to this question, the internet.

Computer hardware and software can be purchase at which retailers?

Best Buy is one of the best stores that sells computer hardware and software. It will give you a up close look and feel at the product if you are there to see it in person. You can order the same type of software/hardware, usually for cheaper, using a website like Amazon or try to find a local computer repair shop close to your area.

What is hardware and give example hardware?

1.speakers 2.scanner 3. Cd writer 4.monitors 6.printer 7.headphones 8.keyboard Hardware is the parts that go together to make a computer.

What provides the instructions or commands to tell the computer what to do?

When the computer is booted up at the start the instructions are held by the BIOS, if a suitable OS is found the BIOS give the computer basic control over your computers hardware.

Give example of software?

Software is a program that works on some form of computer hardware. For example, Microsoft Word is a piece of software.

Give you a short paragraph on a pen computer?

write a paragraph about one means of learning the reading

What are two examples of hardware information?

give me two examples of hardware

With illustrative example show how operating system programming language and hardware support computer graphics?

what is an operating system? and give two examples

What difference ifanyare there between a list of components derived from a physical inspection versus a list of components derived from your computer and your system properties?

physical inspection only gives access to hardware component while computer and system properties give more informatio on hardware and software