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When applying to dental school, they run a background check on you. They will find out, so it;s better to make it known and explain yourself. Depends on the severity, it's possible to still be accepted.

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Q: Can a convicted felon go to dental school?
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Can you go to school for nursing if you are a convicted felon?

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Can a convicted out of state Florida felon buy a gun?

No. A convicted felon is a convicted felon regardless of WHERE they go or live in the US. Note: Use caution if you're even thinking about it! The federal punishment for felon in possession of a firearm is a minimum of 15 years in federal prison.

How do you get your rights back if you are a convicted felon?

gotta go to courthouse for that

Where can you go to rent an apartment with being a convicted felon that has AHFC in anchorage Alaska?

where in anchorage alaska can a felon get an apartment

Can a convicted felon go hunting in Maryland?

Not using a firearm they can't.

What happens when a convicted felon has a gun?

He will go straight back to prison

Can you go to college if im a convicted felon?

(in the US) I do not believe that being convicted of a felony is a bar to college entrance. But, there is no need to waste your time going to college because you will not be able to get a job if you are a convicted felon

How does a convicted felon get his civil rights back in Missouri?

A convicted felon must go to court to give his civil right back in Missouri. This is done by having their record cleared of the crimes.

Can a convicted felon in the state of georgia own a gun so he or she can go hunting?

A felon can not hunt with a gun or bow in Georgia.

Can a convicted felon travel to Bahamas or Cancun Mexico?

If you are under probation or parole I doubt it because you cant go out of the city or county, but if you are just a convicted felon, yes, you can go out of the country, and Mexico wouldn't min letting you in.

IF you go to prison you are a convicted felon?

If you were sentenced by a judge to spend time in prison for committing a 'FELONY' offense, you are considered a convicted felon.You could be convicted of a lesser crime, such as a first degree misdemeanor, then be sent to jail/prison and not be considered a convicted felon.A FELON is someone who has committed a felony offense as codified in state or federal law.

In Oregon If you were convicted in 1998 of felon w firearm how long til you can go hunting?

If you mean hunting with a firearm, a convicted felon loses the right to possess a firearm. The felon MAY petition the Governor for restoration of rights, but it is not an automatic process.

Can a person who is a convicted felon go to Canada?

yeah so he can be shot by the mounties

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Can a convicted felon go to the Bahamas?

If the convicted felon is on probation or parole, check with his or her assigned probation or parole officer. Otherwise, with the exception of a court order relating to traveling, there should be n problems.

What can happen if a convicted felon pawn a gun?

They'll go back to prison. It's a felony in itself for a felon to be in possession of a firearm.

Can a convicted felon own a pitbull in new york?

canine laws go for everyone in the area which has the law no matter if the person is a felon or not.

Can you go from high school straight to dental school?

No, you need a four year degree before attending dental school.

How do you know if you are a convicted felon?

HUH? If you were ever found guilty of a "felony" offense crime, then you ARE a convicted felon. If you have any doubts or questions, go to your local law enforcement agency and ask for a copy of your criminal record.

Can you go straight to dental school right after high school?

No, you cannot go straight to dental school from high school. After high school, you must attend a university and get a degree, preferably in a science-related major, before attending dental school.

Am i considered a felon even though i didn't go to prison?

I believe that if you were convicted of a felony, you are considered to be a felon. Whether or not you spent time in prison does not matter.

Wi am a convicted felon what can you do to qualify to take the nclex-rn exam?

Before you go any further you shold ascertain if the Board Of Nursing (or whatever agency regulates nursing in your state) will issue a license to a convicted felon.

Where can you go to rent an apartment with being a convicted felon in anchorage Alaska?

There's a place in Roscommon