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Can a convicted felon join the US Armed Services?

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If you haven't served your time you'll have too and you can put your money in the bank on that one. If you have served your time the Army would love to have you! It's the best thing for you if you don't know where your life is going.

2006-08-21 21:02:38
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Can a convicted rapist join the US Armed Services?

yes I think

Can a convicted felon on parole join the armed services?

No. Convicted felons may join the military (in limited cases), however only after the completion of their sentence and they have been released from custody. Parole is still a form of custody, and the sentence is not complete until the parolee is discharged.

Can a convicted felon join the secret service?


Can a convicted felon join the fire department when he is released?


What is the oldest you can be to join the armed services?

what is the oldest age to enlist in the armed services as medical personal

Can a convicted felon join the NRA?

Yes, there is no law prohibiting who can or can't join the NRA...however, an felon cannot own firearms (under most circumstances).

Can a convicted felon join the marines?

Probably not. You'll want to check with a recruiter for a sure answer.

How do you join the army as a convicted felon?

You would have to speak to a recruiter to determine if you were eligible to enlist on a waiver.

Can a convicted felon join the air force?

Only in theory. In practice, your likelihood of being able to get waivered in is practically nil.

Do you need a high school diploma to join the armed forces?

You do not need a high school diploma to join the armed forces. Upon recruitment, the armed services provide you with the training you will need to serve in the branch of the military.

What did you have to do to join the armed forces?

You do Not have to join the USA armed forces. There is no draft. If you are a man, you do have to register for the draft when you are 18, but, you do Not have to join the armed forces if you do not want to.

Can you join the police academy with eight felonies?

No. A convicted felon may not have a firearm in their possession, and most police academies include a course on firearms handling and proficiency.

What is the name of the test you take to join the US Marines?

It is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).Viper1

Can a recovering addict join the armed services?

Maybe. Depends on the state of their addiction, and if the addiction resulted in a criminal record.

How can a convicted felon obtain rights to own a firearm?

A convicted felon cant own a firearm in the United States.I guess you could try to join the Army?........--------------------------------------------Added: In SOME states felons convicted of statecrimes can gain partial restoration of firearms privileges. However Federally convicted felons can NEVER regain firearms privileges. Congress has continuously failed to fund any federal process by which federally convicted felons can do so.----------------------------------------------Forget about joining the Army, they do not take felons.

How can you join freemasonry?

The proper way to join Freemasonry, is to ask a current Mason for a petition to join. This person needs to know you a bit first. Then the Mason who petitions for you to join will contact his organization., They will send three people to interview you. You must believe in a Supreme Being, and NOT be a convicted felon, in order to join Freemasonry.

Can ex- felons join the armed forces?

The only way you would be an "ex-felon" is if your conviction was overturned. Otherwise, you are - and will always be - a felon. Some offences you could be waivered in for. That policy may or may not have changed. You would need to speak to a recruiter to get a definitive answer.

Is it possible for a non British citizen to join the British army?

Yes, any Irish or commonwealth national can join the British armed services, although an oath to HM the Queen is mandatory.

Can a felon join the FBI?

no, unless recruited

Can a felon from America join the Canadian army?


Can a convicted felon join the National Guard?

No. It would be highly unusual for this to occur. That being said, there are cybercriminals, who have been rehabilitated, now working for the military (debugging computers, programming code, and the like).

How can a felon join the military?

They cant If you have a criminal back ground you can't join the military.

Can a convicted felon serve in the military?

The only way you can get this answered is to speak with the recruiter of the service branch you wish to join. Some branches of the military will overlook certain non-violent offenses, but it is on a case-by-case basis.

What is the low class in the army?

Thats somewhat of a double entendre isn't it? The Army IS the low class of the armed services. You can't do anything else...join the Army.

Can a convicted felon join the merchant marines?

Individuals who serve in the merchant marine are referred to as mariners, sailors, commercial sailors, or seafarers. More information on the U.S. Merchant Marine may be found at the below website: