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Certainly. In many cases written consent would be difficult.

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Q: Can a cop search your vehicle without written consent?
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Can an officer search your purse if the driver gave consent search of the vehicle?

If the purse was unattended and not in your actual possession at the time of the search, and was inside the vehicle for which consent was given, then the search would be lawful.

What does standing consent mean?

deal with who can consent/object to a lawful search of a vehicle

Can police search your vehicle without consent if you are under 18?

If the police have "probable cause"., meaning that they may believe there is something illegal, they can.

What is considered an illegal home search?

a search conducted without a warrant and without the owner giving consent to search

Is a vehicle search legal before you are arrested?

It can be a legal search if probable cause exists, or with consent.

What is Illegally Obtained Evidence and its effects?

if an unlawful search of your property/residence/vehicle is conducted without your consent, and evidence of a crime is found, its an illegal search, the judge can throw out the evidence if an illegal search was done

Law has right to search a vehicle?

The law has the right to search a vehicle with or without a warrant.

Can the officers search the automobile again two hours later without obtaining a new consent to search?

This would depend on the reason the car was searched in the first place, and the circumstances at the time of the second search. If permission is given to search (a consent search), the permission can be withdrawn. If the officers have not developed probable cause to continue searching, the search must stop. In the sceanario described, it is possible that probable cause developed to search the vehicle a second time. If so, then the search would be permissible. If the first search was by consent and the consent was not withdrawn, then one could argue that a consent search could resume two hours later.Additional: Also - if the vehicle was impounded and towed to a secure facility, an "inventory search' may be conducted to inventory. account for, and secure any property contained in the vehicle. However such an "inventory search" may not be used as a subterfuge for searching for, and seizing, any contraband or evidence which the vehicle may contain. For that purpose, a search warrant would still have to be applied for and granted.

In kansas Can a cop search your vehicle without your consent?

If he has probable cause to believe that a crime was committed, is being or will be committed, yes. That's true in any state.

Is it legal for a cop to search a car based off the driver's consent but the only owner of the car was in the passenger seat and not informed about the search whatsoever?

The operator of the vehicle (driver) is legally responsible for the contents of the vehicle and can give consent to search the vehicle. As long as the consent was given voluntarily, not coerced, and the person consenting has actual or apparent authority over the vehicle. This is considered a "third-party consent scenario." The third-party driver of the vehicle can consent to a search while the owner is present as a passenger. Rodriguez, 497 U.S. at 186. A critical factor to consider is whether the owner/passenger objected to the search.So the question is: Did the owner/passenger object to the search?" If not, I don't think the owner has an argument.

Can a cop search your vehicle without consent in Florida and am I protected by Florida State Laws from a consentless search if I was pulled over for speeding or for other reasons?

A police officer must have either your consent, a warrent, or probable cause to search your vehicle - probable cause to search can include everything from a partially hidden weapon (gun), blood, body parts to just the cap of a alcohol container sticking up from a seat.

Can someone search my bag without cause that isn't a policeman?

An individual person cannot search your things without your consent. The only exception is if you implicitly consent. For example, if you go to a concert, you consent to obey the rules of the facility, which may include consenting to a brief search at the door.

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