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Yes. Any creditor can deny credit to anyone as long as it does not violate established discrimination laws, (race, gender, age, disability issues, religion, etc.).

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What is the average yearly salary for a college student?

There technically is no average yearly salary for a college student because a student is generally not paid to attend college. The student might obtain a job while in college and could make 20,000 dollars or more per year.

What does a company look for from a college student?

Normal Intellect, Or Higher than average, And an active mind... Depends on the Company.

What would be the best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do?

The best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do is to contact a debt consolidation company to help workout a payment plan that the student can afford.

Which company discovered Linux?

It was not originally developed by any company, but a college student. And for a while it was a huge community collaborative project.

Where can one find information on apartment loans for college students in the UK?

Finding and affording an apartment when you are a college student, can be a challenging task. In the UK, you can apply for student loans and then use any money you receive for your housing arrangements. Student Loan Company (SLC) is a reputable UK company that would be worth looking into.

What would be the best notebook laptop for a college student?

Apple Mac is best suited for a college student. There is good amount of discount that apple company provides to the students. They also offer student versions of different software which are sold at affordable prices.

Is it good or bad to be a part time student in college and university?

It's bad to be a part time student because they will have no choice but to work and it will take longer for them to finish college

What actors and actresses appeared in Pictures on the Wall - 2004?

The cast of Pictures on the Wall - 2004 includes: Andrew Behling as Kid Adam Bertocci as College Student Gwendolyn Casebeer as College Student Zhi Chuen Tan as College Student Nate DeYoung as College Student Jackie Doherty as Student on Stairs Caren Evers as Wake Attendee Rachel Flink as Kid Peter Galassi as College Student Sarahmaria Gomez as Secretary Lori Grupp as Female Doctor Ann Hagemann as Teacher Chye Hsern Cheng as College Student Thomas Kasp as David Camille Ko as College Student Petras Kuprys as College Student Marc Lummis as College Student Rebecca Maltzman as College Student Ben McKinney as College Student Joel Mehr as Neil Danielle Ongart as College Student Dustin Pearlman as College Student Eleni Peters as College Student Elizabeth Petersen as Colleague Gino Recchia as Kid Adam Riff as College Student Erica Rosenthal as College Student Sophia Skrzypczynski as Kid Kailey Snyder as Kid Michael Stailey as Male Doctor Colin Tan as College Student Matt Tomko as College Student

What has the author John N Gardner written?

John N. Gardner has written: 'Your college experience' -- subject(s): College student orientation, Study skills, Success, Time management 'Your college experience' -- subject(s): Study skills, Success, College students, College student orientation, Life skills guides, Time management 'The senior year experience' -- subject(s): College seniors, Social conditions, Services for 'College Is Only the Beginning' 'College is only the beginning' -- subject(s): College student orientation 'Step by step to college and career success' -- subject(s): College student orientation, Success

grant for college for adult with adhd?

grant for college for student with adhd college grant for student with disabilities

Is Phoenix college student capitalize?

Phoenix College should be capitalized but not student.

When was College Student Alliance created?

College Student Alliance was created in 1975.

How can i be a student at the mining college and what qualifications should i have?


Why do you want to get into a IT company being an non IT student?

A person may want to get into an IT company because they have a general interest in the company. Also, they may be interested in joining the company because they are planning on switching majors.

Is Kindle useful for a college student?

Yes because you don't have to bring a ton of books to college instead you can buy them on the kindle

Why would a bad grade in a class keep a high school student from getting into a good college?

Bad grades in a class would keep a high school student from getting into college, because the student would struggle if not fail at the standard level of work, that is studied and expected from the college.

Is it true that if you act rude with college students the college students will ruin your college life?

No it is not true! They cannot do anything to you unless you act rude to the wrong college student that have power. Dont be rude to college student in the first place because if you start it than they can try to make your college life miserable.

Where can a college student obtain marketing experience?

A college student can obtain marketing experience by seeking an internship at a local business, or even a major company. In addition a paid job may also offer a chance at obtaining market experience.

Can you insure a dependent if they are over 18?

Yes, generally under certain conditions, (ie, full time college student, disabled, etc).

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When was Journal of College Student Development created?

Journal of College Student Development was created in 1959.

Vocabulary for the college bound student?

There are many word that the college bound student should understand. The vocabulary used in college is quite broad and the student should be prepared for anything.

Can e2save help play off student loans?

The company of e2save can infact help any student pay off the loans that they have taken out for their college tuition and such, but their interest rates are high.

Who shall take the nstp?

a college student

What do you mean by university student?

A student at a university college.

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